What you do to me

Love Poems

It's like when I am with you

I forget I even exsist.

Maybe, that is because

you forgot I exsist.

I really love listening to you speak.

Your voice calms the ocean in my head,

but thouse waves come crashing onto my shore.

And I hold back the tears that would come pouring out

because you forgot about me again.

I remember this one time we were together,

my back cuddled into your front.

Earlier in the week you told me of your plans with me

but this day, you forgot.

You told me how you are planning on doing all those things,

but I am not invited.

And though I love to hear your voice

I didn't at that time.

My body shattered.

I curled myself up,

my legs tucked into my chest

only to keep them far from yours.

Maybe he has forgotten that he loves me too.

Maybe he doesn't love me too.

It is unfortunate that the little things

like little dates,

a little word,

a little look,

a little smile,

are the things that really matter,

because you don't remember them.

You don't remember 

   my smile

   my hair

   what color my eyes are

   when my birthday is

   what I do to you.

I feel like I am not real to you,

and maybe you just don't see it.

See how forgetting me

all the time

has hurt me so much.

Maybe you don't look into my eyes

as much as I get caught in yours.

If you did you would see the waves

crashing my shore

as you shatter me

over and over and over again.

But maybe you forgot,

this has happened before.

DaveBrowder's picture

It's the little things that

It's the little things that should mean the most. Be cool if everyone realized that. People may tell you to let it go. But that can be the most difficult thing to do. You're writing is beautiful. Don't let anyone walk on you and not let yo be a part of what they wanna do. If the truly love you then they will find way to include you in everything they wanna do.

lostboyjojo's picture

Thank you. I apperciate the

Thank you. I apperciate the lovely comment. (:

Small girl with a big heart. -Jo 

DaveBrowder's picture

There's not anything wrong

There's not anything wrong with havin' a big heart. Believe me. I understand how it feels wwhen someone you care about lets you down.

KindredSpirit's picture

Liked it Jo Jo

Makes me remember

When I was in Love.


I should of been better.