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Lil Pump Know



turn up the stereo so everyone goes to hear the song of lil Pump know


bust up the beat to promote its tempo


take you to places you need to go


flirting with fire coming down to the wire a gun for hire calling him a liar


the steets are uneasy the flames are just as strong


cause Turtle Wax is cheap we got the dancing feet stand still to repeat


purchased a remedy for hip hop brevity everythings steady are you ready


close the door to places you need to know have a shoulder to cry


what's to die for a leader and never a follower


Lil Pump like Gucci Man working on his tan the latest fade


chain it up burning records like you want to smoking marijuana as you grow fond of


Dance hall grill hoping latest trend with family & friends


Lil Pump know the score kicking it with a two bit whore screaming for more


in the window stands a paradox of time remember when you were broke down to your last dime


the wild side inside of me minus the pornography set the captives free


Lil Pump know what Little Pump do but I'm still not through


he's coming on track in the music scene living in a land so very mean


Lil pump is where its at working to hard can give you a heart attack


Big Mac with your Cadillac playing hacky sack a tiff or tat


purchased his resistance caught the oozy lying but I'm not buying fish for frying



Exiting existence;

escaping the fire;


Extinguishing the pain;

making it go away


3rd degree burns;

hard to manage


intense feelings;

can't deal with them


I looked at my hands
They whispered old
No, I cried
My flesh is firm

My eyes are bright
The years controlled
They whispered old
I looked at a tree

Its shimmering leaves above
A robin singing
A song of love
Tell me, tree,

Between you and me
How do you
Your life renew
I looked at the sky

Its azure
Tell me, sky,
Your secret of

I looked at the sun,
The moon and a star
That winked at me boldly
from afar

Tell me, please, let your
wisdom descend
Is there a beginning
Without an end ?

Damn My Innocence II (I Am Garther)

Damn my innocence, I need food to eat.

I got a gun lying underneath the bed I am

Sleeping on. The clip is loaded and it's al-

-ready cocked back, I swear I am going to

Snap and unload the force! I loan out mon-

-ey and now I want it back! I am kicking do-

-wn your mama's door and taking what's

Mines! Monte The Poet died last night, 

I am Garther. I got nothing but theft and

Death on my mental, and my palms care-

-ssing a pistol. Take this as an warning

Shot, the have-not is out on an murder

Binge. Forget friends, just give me the

Money! Also once again, damn my inn-

-ocence. You made me this malicious

Beast by the name of Garther!

The Bladed Mistress

The blade caress my nemesis spirit and

Render it useless, as the icy cold grips

Thrust him into the abyss of Grief. I kiss

My sword after a war, her dark temptations

Makes me want more. Every night, I walk

Out of my quarters looking for another warrior

To bestow dysphoria upon when the fight

Is on. My maiden is awaiting for marriage,

But I'm raging war. She doesn't understand,

I'm in love with my blade. I become jaded to

The sedative situations, as my bladed mistress

Penetrates my nemesis chest plate, and you

Can see our love in the pool of blood we created.

 After the recreation of decimating my adversaries.


Do not stand my grave and cry

Everything around me is closing in ,
I cannot breathe,
I am suffocating and all alone,
with no rescue for my soul,

When my body turns into dust,
Do not stand my grave and cry,
Life begins when death arise,
Do not bother my eternal sleep,
I am not the one whoo weeps,

I am thousand winds that blows,
I am diamonds glitter in the snow,
When you are awaken in the morning hush,
I am soft uplifting rush,



I see you, I feel you only issue for you

is I don't fear you, why should I?

Im not like the rest, afraid of not knowing 

what's next, so lost in what they see, they

label you the bad guy for doing what needs

to be.


So when you come knocking you won't get

any resistance from me, you're just doing your

job It's not your fault, I know your wondering why

not me, well I know the real me, I also know every

thing that's born eventually dies, so yea not me

Im not attached to form, this world means nothing to me

I actually can't wait untill we meet.


We can have coffee and talk about some things,

your so misunderstood i feel sorry for you,

these humans they really can't swallow the truth,

funny thing is they start so many wars, drop

so many bombs, you might be out of work, but 

don't worry because when you come for me, I'll have 

a gift for you for setting my soul free.


No Man's Land

Tales of the Heart

Hear the hymns of all the dead,

how proud they sing above your heads,

be you brave or be you mad

its all the same to those without rest.


Moving forward or turning back,

if you do it for love or the freedom you lack,

be ready for the waves upon waves

of dead that march your way.


The river flows from the scars that were formed,

dyed and undrinkable as the rain horizontally stormed.

This land of flowers and beasts,

is now the tomb of children playing men.


The sound of thunder quakes

but the fallen never wake.

The day will eventually clear,

so hear the hymns of all the dead,

but tales of peace,


let that not be said,

for to this day,

the living were lead.