Damn My Innocence II (I Am Garther)

Damn my innocence, I need food to eat.

I got a gun lying underneath the bed I am

Sleeping on. The clip is loaded and it's al-

-ready cocked back, I swear I am going to

Snap and unload the force! I loan out mon-

-ey and now I want it back! I am kicking do-

-wn your mama's door and taking what's

Mines! Monte The Poet died last night, 

I am Garther. I got nothing but theft and

Death on my mental, and my palms care-

-ssing a pistol. Take this as an warning

Shot, the have-not is out on an murder

Binge. Forget friends, just give me the

Money! Also once again, damn my inn-

-ocence. You made me this malicious

Beast by the name of Garther!