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My one and only nemesis,
It will always tell a premise,
Always haunting with menace,
Ignorance causes emphasis,
My nightmares become evidence,
The never dying Pegasus,
Pushes me to the edge of my precipice,
At the future it’s so venomous.


My one and only shadow,
It will always foreshadow,
My life it will overshadow,
As precise as the arrow,
Running while it will follow,
It is so shallow.



My one and only fire,
It’s my flat tyre,
Something I will never admire,
And so it must expire,
And it will inspire,
Never to retire,
As I aim to be higher.

For You


Once upon a time there was nothing.

But then, there was everything,

from there sprouted endless possiblities:

stars, ships, moons, and oceans.

To add some taste to it all, 

life was forged to love everything.

Life however, missed this

and instead strove to have everything.

They pushed from generation to generation,

always expanding and searching for more.

Feeling that if they stopped moving,

they would be left with nothing.

We don't need everything,

and we don't have nothing,

Time does not reverse,

nothing is gone and there will forever be


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A bit of a note on the universe, and also on our lives, sometimes we take things for granted or feel that if we lose something we will lose everything. But that there is so much more to us than just one thing.

Shine Bright

Through the pain, suffering,envy and hate shine bright. For those who tell there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Then you be that light and shine bright for the ones who still have hope and for those who are hopeless. You can be that guiding light believe and achieve. Make your dream a reality. It doesn't matter if you're discriminated against systematically. Refuse to be a victim of the system. Control your own destiny. Find your own purpose and if you can't. Then create one and shine bright. When it seems you have reach the top your peak the pinnacle. That's when you show the world who really are and shine brighter than any other star.


maine kuch chaha tha

kuch aapne aap se kch apne jazbaat se

kch aisi baatein thi meri

jo meri dimaag se kam thi..

aur dil se jyada thi.....

woh shayad meri andar ki baat thi..

woh baatein meri thi.....

woh baatein meri thi.....


baatein pehle bhi kafi aayi h.....

mere jazbaat se....

par weoh kitnji meri thi....

ya yeh sirf meri ... thi....


kch ehassaas hone laga h mjhe...

kch jyada mahssos karne laga hon main aaj kal....

yeh mera pyaar h...

ya do pal ka aitbaar h...

maine kch chaha tha....dusro se...

kch apno se

kch parayon se.....

apno se...sirf ...pyaar mila...

aur dusro se ehssaaas mila....

kya chhunu dono mainse...

pyaar ...ya ehsaas....

ehsaas kch gehra tha......aur pyaaar kch...matlabi sat ha....


Author's Notes/Comments: 


The Lost Princess

The King went off to battle and said 'Wait for me my Queen''

'I will return to you.'

And so she waited, for his return

On her castle on the hill.

She waited and waited, while all of her retinue

Turned old and grey. She waited and waited,

While they all died away.

She waited and waited while,

The walls crumbled and fell into ruins.

She slept under the sky.

Her cloths torn and tattered. Still she waited.

Strange men wandered about,

She tried not to be seen,

One man said

'This is our property, you're going to have to leave.'

'I'm the Queen she said,

I'm waiting for the King.'

The King? replied the man.

There hasn't been a King in 500 years.

Come with me, I think you need help

She ran away and did not look back

I'm the Queen she thought.

I'll figure this out for myself.

While behind her all was in ruins.

Up ahead was promise of a happy return.

So Long Ago


So Long ago we died.

At the edge of the world, as the sun set

over the ocean where there was nowhere left to hide.

Those who survived are left with regret, the others forget

and their atoms are spread again.


Not long ago we were born.

We reached our arms high, trying to touch the sky

not knowing why we cried, we screamed until our eyes were worn.

We saw strangers, heard "hello"s that seemed to echo as good bye.

There was nothing left, we had all forgotten of how we died.


Now here we are,

standing at a new point, reaching out yet again

but wondering if its just to far;

That star at the edge of the sky, oh how it drives us insane.

We say "I'll get there before I die."

but so long ago we died.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A thank you to my editor for reading some of these, and supporting my little hobby, wouldn't be doing these without you.

My inspiration comes from: Stardust, a magnificant poet. And The Great Gatsby.