The Lost Princess

The King went off to battle and said 'Wait for me my Queen''

'I will return to you.'

And so she waited, for his return

On her castle on the hill.

She waited and waited, while all of her retinue

Turned old and grey. She waited and waited,

While they all died away.

She waited and waited while,

The walls crumbled and fell into ruins.

She slept under the sky.

Her cloths torn and tattered. Still she waited.

Strange men wandered about,

She tried not to be seen,

One man said

'This is our property, you're going to have to leave.'

'I'm the Queen she said,

I'm waiting for the King.'

The King? replied the man.

There hasn't been a King in 500 years.

Come with me, I think you need help

She ran away and did not look back

I'm the Queen she thought.

I'll figure this out for myself.

While behind her all was in ruins.

Up ahead was promise of a happy return.