So Long Ago


So Long ago we died.

At the edge of the world, as the sun set

over the ocean where there was nowhere left to hide.

Those who survived are left with regret, the others forget

and their atoms are spread again.


Not long ago we were born.

We reached our arms high, trying to touch the sky

not knowing why we cried, we screamed until our eyes were worn.

We saw strangers, heard "hello"s that seemed to echo as good bye.

There was nothing left, we had all forgotten of how we died.


Now here we are,

standing at a new point, reaching out yet again

but wondering if its just to far;

That star at the edge of the sky, oh how it drives us insane.

We say "I'll get there before I die."

but so long ago we died.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A thank you to my editor for reading some of these, and supporting my little hobby, wouldn't be doing these without you.

My inspiration comes from: Stardust, a magnificant poet. And The Great Gatsby.