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Brainwashing game

Brainwashing game


At plain sight

Between news lines

We live life

Constructed by others

That implement

In us

Low life moral

High value for material

And love for things

Instead of love

For people

And use of people

Instead use of things

Possessions is only

That counts


And stupid

We are

Intolerant at all

Drowned in laziness

With burned grey cells

We are groomed

By classes

With freedom sold

For market price

And shiny things

We should be

Kicked in ass

And pushed

Down stairs

Until we brake

Our nose

Or entire head

And until awake

From brainwashing


Of slavery

We should brake


Of false gods

And brake chains

That bond us

In debt

With lies

Forged by rulers






Marilly marilly

From tow to tow

We skip

With bare feet

On razor blade

As our life

Pass by


Wrong interpreted

Marilly marilly

Of we go

Until lightning

Strike us

And we realize

Who we are


And where we are

Hateful illusions

Hateful illusions


Forgive us

Who are about

To commit

Sin against


Driven by


Put in our

Hands by


Of high command

Status unsecured

Destination pointed

By head of


Turned into

Just one

Of many

Methods of destruction

By mad and


Illusions of big lead

Took us to pit

Of sorrow

Craziness over take us

Blinded by promised


Blood money

And wealth

So we sold

Our souls

For pennies



Damn you little man

Damn you little man


Another day

In life of rich

Born with silver

Spoon in mouth

Existed tired

And lazy

Angry of over possesing

Damn you

Little man

With constant

Smile on

Your face

Even you don't

Have nothing


Damn you

Even you are


And exosted of

Human digesting


That grind you

From nine to five

Damn you

Cause you have soul

To forgive

And they have

To cry behind

Wheels of their

Luxury cars

Damn you with

Bunch of kids

That even

They are hungry

Don't suffer from


Damn you

Damn you

Money can buy


But then


Last short




Head roll 1

Head roll




Dark night sleeps

Moon shine through

Misty drops over


Silent night

Bamboo sleep

On shore

I don't care

Heavy breath

Cant help myself

Tight grip

On handle of katana


Blood spread all over

Head split

And fall

With thump noise

On floor

This bastard will

Never again

Steal from me

I settle the score

That gold was

Mine at first place

Sudden appearance of

One of guards

Brake the silent

Big constitution but slow

With two strokes

I cut off his arm

That held sword


And head goes off

That moment slightly

Disturbed my attention

I didn't saw approaching

Of second guard


And chain caught

Blade of my sword

Then rip it from

My hands

I duck and avoid

Second strike

That hit vase

On the floor

And shatter it to


I grub one and

Threw at guardian

Then took second

Sharper one

And with one


I stick it in his


Again blood run

From open wound

Body fall

This time

Without any sound

My sword was broken

And I took one

From the shelf

Silver one

With engraved initials

It took me seconds

And I was in stables

I took fastest horse

And go out

Through gate

To the north

Carrying with

Me one head

In bag on my


Head that will

Light the spark


Of war

Rock bottom

Rock bottom


Cleverly I take

Misconception of


Revealed from fire

Continuously spread

From continuum


Overloaded with

White noise


With holy water

Pissed by gargoyle

String ladder

Leading to heaven

Made from mist

Distributed by wealthy

In chase for immortality

For mortal body

With cracked aura

No rules applied

Check those gaps

And black holes

Made in mind

Overusing mass media

Emperor again

Got new clothes

Unchanged poltroons

Blunt knife

Cut through night

Lucky boots

By cost

Of two alligators

Cross stitch

Adorn the temple

Tattoos for party members

Moral dwarfs

Casted from their

Own creation

By worst among them

Life is butterfly

Pierced and pinned

On board

Life is leaf

In her barium

Where river flow

Up stream

Ice cold

Rock bottom

Under bear foot

Shiver down spine

Luckily my mind

Is shutting down


I will be






Awww what?
You make me wanna be more awesome!
Your towers be tripping
Not tryin to be dissin’
It just sucked because I needed some love
My day was crud
Tryin not to curse so much
The heavens lookin’ down at me from above
You probably think its lame
I ain’t tryin to play this game with God
 He sees me
Trying not to let my flesh deceive me
It’s hard sometimes because I sometimes I wanna smoke weed

You see, that's the devil tryin to deceive me
 The day I made a pact with the Lord

My days were never a bore

Always felt like singing

Prayer never feelin like a chore
My days have been forever changin’
For the better I would say
But others would be complainin’
But I know you’re different
We went through alotta stuff
I am ashamed for what I’ve done
But it’s already done
I’m getting past this
Through repentance
Let’s ends this
Our sexual friendship
I hope this doesn’t end our friendship
You get it?
Why I am repentin'?
Do you understand, the pain I’m in?
The Father in Heaven is lookin at me
He sees me accountable

For everyone I meet

For knowing the truth
I’m failing you
I’m failing Him
I should be encouraging you
Not deterring you
Taking you down the wrong path
Don’t worry, it’s not your fault
I am the older one at fault
More wiser
Or so I thought
I really like you
I hope this doesn’t offend you
I just wanted to remind you
“I love you”
So, please don't fight it
Just accept it

This is my Repentance