Brainwashing game

Brainwashing game


At plain sight

Between news lines

We live life

Constructed by others

That implement

In us

Low life moral

High value for material

And love for things

Instead of love

For people

And use of people

Instead use of things

Possessions is only

That counts


And stupid

We are

Intolerant at all

Drowned in laziness

With burned grey cells

We are groomed

By classes

With freedom sold

For market price

And shiny things

We should be

Kicked in ass

And pushed

Down stairs

Until we brake

Our nose

Or entire head

And until awake

From brainwashing


Of slavery

We should brake


Of false gods

And brake chains

That bond us

In debt

With lies

Forged by rulers



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Like Your Style

of versing ideas. Letting us in on the jokes, the dark humor is intriguing. I saw this one - allets