Head roll 1

Head roll




Dark night sleeps

Moon shine through

Misty drops over


Silent night

Bamboo sleep

On shore

I don't care

Heavy breath

Cant help myself

Tight grip

On handle of katana


Blood spread all over

Head split

And fall

With thump noise

On floor

This bastard will

Never again

Steal from me

I settle the score

That gold was

Mine at first place

Sudden appearance of

One of guards

Brake the silent

Big constitution but slow

With two strokes

I cut off his arm

That held sword


And head goes off

That moment slightly

Disturbed my attention

I didn't saw approaching

Of second guard


And chain caught

Blade of my sword

Then rip it from

My hands

I duck and avoid

Second strike

That hit vase

On the floor

And shatter it to


I grub one and

Threw at guardian

Then took second

Sharper one

And with one


I stick it in his


Again blood run

From open wound

Body fall

This time

Without any sound

My sword was broken

And I took one

From the shelf

Silver one

With engraved initials

It took me seconds

And I was in stables

I took fastest horse

And go out

Through gate

To the north

Carrying with

Me one head

In bag on my


Head that will

Light the spark


Of war