Rock bottom

Rock bottom


Cleverly I take

Misconception of


Revealed from fire

Continuously spread

From continuum


Overloaded with

White noise


With holy water

Pissed by gargoyle

String ladder

Leading to heaven

Made from mist

Distributed by wealthy

In chase for immortality

For mortal body

With cracked aura

No rules applied

Check those gaps

And black holes

Made in mind

Overusing mass media

Emperor again

Got new clothes

Unchanged poltroons

Blunt knife

Cut through night

Lucky boots

By cost

Of two alligators

Cross stitch

Adorn the temple

Tattoos for party members

Moral dwarfs

Casted from their

Own creation

By worst among them

Life is butterfly

Pierced and pinned

On board

Life is leaf

In her barium

Where river flow

Up stream

Ice cold

Rock bottom

Under bear foot

Shiver down spine

Luckily my mind

Is shutting down


I will be