my head hurts, I am so stressed

my face is red and I am a mess

final exams to study for today

I wish I could just run away

I just got my paper back and got a 70

there goes my developmental psychology

now I might not get an A in that class

wish I could just tell it to kiss my ass

I'm so worried about my grades in the end

I want to get on the Deans list again

but it's not looking good with the way things are

even though this whole semester I've tried so hard

my head hurts, it pounds like a drum in a band

I'm so nervous but I guess I'll just do the best I can

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What a Friend


What a friend!

You where my friend, for three years, you where the man,

I hanged with you, talked to you, gave you time,

I called you, walked with you, and then you don't give me the

damn time! I tired of this "I'm gulty shit," or "I'm not likin you"

Yeah, I'm bad, I'm bold, I'm one of the Hardest mother fuckers

you will ever know! I'm tried of you not talkin to me, because in

friendship, we should let shit be, be.....Why must i hurt, why must

I feel the damn pain, why must I have to sit at my computer waiting

for you to type your keys! I want a friend, and that was you!

Fuck it will always be you, and this is true, because who doesn't

want that shit, a friend, a family, a buddy, a lover!

Life is hard as shit, and I know for sure.

Some times I wish you ass would just knock on my damn door,

I maybe ungly as hell, but shit I got the skills, to make some

mother fucker go ill, I looked up to your ass, like a brother,

a father, a friend...I got shit, I don't even one of them...

So must I lose them agian? A father, a brother, Friend?

Over some internet shit, man life is a bitch!

Them quick ass keys, them fast moving knees!

That you gave me in place, that damn said look on your face!

You weren't saying this shit, we I meet you, when I saw you,

When I hang out with you!

So I got one thing to say, and this is for real,

dont talk to me till you know the real deal,

don't say anything unless you are there,

because if you don't want to be in my life,

shit i don't care, I could have still be in that damn

hole I'm in, I didn't need to be in this shit agian!

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Stress Took It's Toll

Not everything can go wrong

But it sure as hell comes close

To the dark blue skylines

I fly away tonight

Headache has taken it's toll

I am much too old

Can't begin to rearange

All the thoughts on how I'll change

I think I'll run away

Stress took it's toll today

Not everything went wrong

But nothing felt alright

I want to face my fears

But the immage fades from tears

I am far too old

To belive in ghosts so cold

So take away my breath

I hate to breath this air

Gettin thicker now

When will I disappear?

I want ot leave this place

It makes me far too cold

Stress make tears fall on my face

Why do I feel so old?

I'll run away

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Everything was just really stressful today...and i have a headache from it!  it sucks...but all turned out alright!

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Why are you crying?

I'm crying

Never turn your back on the tears that soak your clothes.

only nightmares can come of this

Daydream in the night time

cause you never know,

when your bubbles gonna pop.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i get asked this too much. why am i crying?

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Walk A Day, In My Shoes

Be me just one day

Hide who you are from everyone

Just once, for one day

Give no clue to how you really feel

Or to how you ever think

Push people away

For fear of them leaving you

Not of their free will

Alone and stranded

Live my life

Just one day

You'll understand

Why I say what I say

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I need help?

Why hello greetings

would you like to come to a meeting

lets talk about abuse

think of ways to file lawsuits

oh what, you don't want share your problems?

you know we can slove them

no thank you i write mine out

go out on the football feild shout it out

I don't like to share

cause I know  all you people have been there

i'm just a part of a cycle

when I leave

it's like i'm recycled

we have drugs for that

they just raise chance of heart attack

it will losen you up

lower the slack

its proven fact

no i'm fine

you couldn't make chrome shine

leave me be

why can't you see

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Brought From A Freezer

Can you see the light posts?

Standing in the darkness of our street

Watch the car shadows passing on the walls

While your lying down in your bed for sleep

The sound of thunder is getting louder

Cutting out the sound of the rain,

As it pours on the windowsill

My face is suffocated in my pillow

Lying face first on my stomach

This is empty like my head

Can you hear the screams of teenagers arguing?

Outside is where they sound like wild dogs

Hear the taps of the shoes strolling on the concrete

Holding conversations while they walk

My eyes half open catch the sight of the sun

While the passing storm moves on

Seeing that the day is almost starting, but I am almost gone

The sounds continue to ramble in my head

I don’t know if I will ever get to bed

Lately I have felt like I’m in a freezer

Ready to freeze right where I lay

The ground in sinking lower

While the warmth of the sun is leaving me today

I’ll freeze while I am sleeping, but I guess it will be okay

It’s too cold to complain and I’m too alone to be sane

Shut the window I think there’s a draft

Blown in from the world outside

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one I kind of wrote just because I felt the world grabbing at me and I try and stay still and everything just gets to me and I pretty much ignore them to zone them out.

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The Jester

Why is it that no one cares?
No one cares what it is like to be the sad person.
The sad person behind hazel eyes.
No one cares what it is like to hurt.
Or to bleed without bleeding.
But why is it that when you shed a tear.
Everyone comes running?
Life is a game that we all lose.
But why can't we win the game at all?
Don't ask me I can't tell you at all.
But see the parting words of wisdom of many



But not for me.
My parting words of wisdom
is Let The Light and the Darkness guide you to your place of sleep.

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Riding That Fence

Here I stand on the fence.
Future on one side,
past on the other.
Indecision plagues me,
as I dare to love you.
I am so frightened,
I've been so betrayed.
Trust just gets harder,
every second I delay.
You are my best friend,
the one I adore.
But forevers so permanent.
I try to ignore it,
but worry comes on strong.
Because I could never,
intentionally hurt you.
How can I tell you,
I need you to be mine?
But I need some time.
To figure out this path,
I am taking with you.
I am not so sure,
about its length,
or its direction.
But there is never,
any doubt about you.

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