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Let's see. Summer of '04. I have a friend who does a theatre program that he's been bugging me since the year after he started it for me to join, and have yet to be able to, but that's another story. Well, that summer, I was invited to an original music piece showing, I got into the car and noticed someone who I've never seen nor heard of before. I introduced myself and didn't think anything of him at the time, well, on to the performance, which I spent half of in the booth with light equippment, chatting with Brendan(my friend) and Myles(kid I just met), the other half with my second parents. Well, when we go to drop me off at my house, I had left my key in the house, and noone was home, and they insisted that I spend the night. Without even taking a second thought, I did. Well, that turned out to be one of the best nights of my life. Myles and I had talked for 6 hours straight after Brendan went to sleep. To be honest NOONE had ever gotten me like that. I tend to be rather shy by nature, and nonrevealing of my personal life and such. I was a closet case, but there was this vibe I got off of him. Don't ask. Well, staying up til 6 AM talking, I ended up falling asleep and waking up at noon, we played this witty little game that my second family loved and Myles had brought. I LOVE that game. Well, onward and upward, we trade IM addresses, and he left on a plane flight that afternoon. Well, when I finally got around to talking with him, I check his profile and at the bottom it links me to his xanga, then I read his profile there, and at the bottom it says 'Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm gay' or something of the like. My entire head flipped. Well, I came out to him, and it was pretty cool actually, I set up a xanga, and felt really special, we were friends and such, well anyway, as it comes up he helps me through my cycle of straight crushes from half a country away. As it turns out, he comes back(expected). Well, I was invited to a Radio show with my second family, and I went, and we had picked Myles up at the airport, and it was okay, but I kept avoiding eye contact, I don't know why but I felt like if he'd look me in the eye, he'd see right through me. Complicated. Well, I spent the ENTIRE ride from the airport to my second family's house looking out the window. Well, time to unload his luggage, and I ended up stretching a muscle in my back the day or two before, and he was ON it. I said something and he tried to untense it and I'm not going to lie, I was happy that he decided to take interest. ^_^ After that, we went out for dinner and we ended up sitting next to eachother with nothing happening much at all. Well, on the way to the city where the radio show was, EVERYONE, Brendan, his dad, Myles, and I were talking on and off about anything. Well, we got there about an hour early, and Myles and I spelunked the bookstore while Brendan's da and Brendan went to get and save seats. Well, nothing of much happened at the bookstore, we chatted about music and such, headed to the theatre where the show was at, and played the game at our table, waiting for it to happen, then it was odd. He put his hand on my knee, and I've gotten him to admit to me that he honestly thought I'd push it off, but after a second..okay, maybe 10, I slipped my hand into his and looked over and he smiled, and to be honest I had never seen a truly heartfelt smile til then. We held hands through the rest of the performance, and on the way back I acted like I fell asleep on his shoulder. Well, I forgot my house key again, not purposefully, I swear. Well, spent the night again, and Myles, Sean, Brendan and I played Super Smash Brothers til I feigned sleepiness, and Myles had already gone up, I turned on the light and layed out a pallet on the floor using a sheet and a pillow. Well we talked a lil and then turned off the light, and as he leans down to tell me good night, I sorta felt it. I leaned up and just kiss him lightly, and to be honest I thought he'd just turn and ignore it, but he suprised me, there was another kiss, and then a third, and by the end of the 6th, I was on the bed, and I'll just leave the rest of the night at that...

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