Worry, a waste of time,

Worry, is it necessary,

Sitting by the window watching each passing car,

Waiting for my daughter to arrive home safely,

Minute after minute passes, the worry intensifies,

Feeling sick to my stomach,

Heart begins to race as each minute passes, is tormenting my soul...

Raining, wet roads, worry...

Making phone calls, needing to know that all is well..

Is she running late, has she stopped somewhere along the way..

Pacing the floor, running outside everytime a car door closes,

Worry, panic increasing,feeling helpless,

Outside now sitting on the steps, sheets of rain falling,

Watching and waiting for her vehicle to arrive,

I feel as though I am smothering, can't breath,

Fearing the worst,

The phone rings, fear of answering,

Afraid of whose voice will greet me,

A trembling hello, and then a sigh of relief

The sweetest voice, my daughter's voice,

"Hi Mom", the most precious sound,

Heartbeat still quickens but not due to worry,

But Joy....Worry, sometimes it cannot be stopped...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this waiting on my 20 yr old daughter to return from work, we were having a bad storm and she was very late. I learned she was held up in traffic only 5 minutes from our house due to a car accident.

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your eyes r drifting shut

but u wont let then stay that way

u dont want to go to sleep

u want it to stay day

u sit up on the computer

trying to hold it all in

u feel weak, and helpless,

but still u dont go

as the tears roll down ur cheeks

ur tired eyes go shut

u jump in fear

because u hear a bang

ohhh it was just ur cd player

u try to smile

and play it off

but its easy to tell

ur tired as hell

and come to find out

u stayed up for a guy!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

man im so tired lol so thats y i wrote this

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Pushed to the edge

I hear the shouting through the wall.

My ears can't take it anymore.

He yells and yells,

but he doesn't realize how far he's gone.

She's gonna leave soon.

I bet it will be this week.

He's finally pushed her to the edge.

I just want the fighting to stop.

She said I can't live with him.

I said it will be ok.

He just doesn't understand how much he hurt her.

I hate him,

I hate him,

I hate him!

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Once again I say all the wrong words

I mix up what I think

With how I feel

I'm so hard headed

I'm such a fool

You always stay calm

While I panic and make things worse

All I know is

There's still a flaw in my mask

Once again I rip my own heart out

As I find reasons

To argue with you

I'm stressing, but it's not your fault

I coulda left you

Took the easy way out

I chose a different path, compromise

All I know is

There's still a flaw in my mask

Once again I cry through the night

Broken hearted

I changed for you

But I'm still not good enough

Now I live a lie

I've lost touch of the true person

Within me

All I know is

There's another flaw in my mask...

The one I wear for you

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The Step I Didn't Take

Today Im feeling

feeling like theres nothing left

nothing left for me to do

everything else doesn't matter

my heart beats with such a clatter

Now im more confused then ever before

I feel like a broken man

straight from the sand

risen from the ashes

only to get put down again

now i seek salvation through alcohol

only to shrink with my last call

until the day I fall

The taste...

sweet as honey

going down slowly

drinking on so boldly

The taste of crown royal


as I lay here in a coil

looking up at the ceiling

with this unnamed feeling

Is it depression?


Who cares, time for some beer

The future is uncertainty

so you cant plan ahead

just get drunk instead

Am I pathetic to you?

well whatever

take a walk in my shoes

your father hates you

drinks, smokes, and abuses you

he calls me a worthless piece of shit

and he can start a mad fit

in an instant

Ive never been good enough for him

so I just gave up on him

as this light rusts and begins to dim

I have another touch

a touch like no other

one that makes me feel ok

but without her

I cant keep my demons at bay

and the day becomes gray

She doesn't feel the way I do

yet she cares for me

and thats ok

Im done

done being sad

time to get glad

enough of these fucking cliche's

I will stand tall today

no one can bring me down


I may be hiding

and drinking

but I have my pride

and self-respect

so go away

my soul you cant infect

Truth is rushing into my eyes

like a prophet vision

I see that ive lost it

now its time to recover

Im gonna be ok

you dont need to bother

Ive taken the step

the step I didn't take

I am NOT fake

Hey, all of you people

you know who im talking to

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Too much drama...

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Winter Ghost

1998 - 2010

\Strings on my limbs

Like a wooden puppet

Doin things I couldn't

Even put to mind

Leaning in the shadows

Crawling out of the door

The space I thought I could hide

Is wide open to the world

Chaos has a new home

Buried in my brain

That I can't reach

That I've never seen

I survived the last time

When it lived through the spring

Her I go again

With the bad dreams

Feelin like no sleep

Bein afraid of the ones

That care the most

Running away from

My phased winter ghost

Flying to the

Blood red west coast

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written March 22, 2004

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I cant help

I don’t know what I can do anymore

I’m all out of ideas.

There’s nothing more I can help you with

Because only you can decide.

Decide what you will do

I don’t know what I can do anymore

I tried to help

He’s too abrasive, and you’re fed up.

But I don’t think I can choose,

Choose between the two available sides.

I don’t know what I can do anymore

There is nothing left to do.

Because it all comes down to the bottom line

And the bottom line is…

It is up to you.

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The Clock Ticks Loudly

I'm in my house, I'm all alone.

No one else is near.

The clock ticks loudly. Stop it please.

I don't want to hear.

Every sound is now magnified

Every fear is too.

All my senses are on alert

Waiting to hear you.

Was that a footstep that I heard?

Is it you at last?

Or was it just a little ghost

Of a love long passed?

Nervously I unbraid my hair

Then braid it once more

Now I begin to pace around

On my hard wood floor.

He should be here by now I'm sure

Where ever is he?

I can't stand being alone like this.

There! I heard the key.

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I bring this on myself

I’m in a rage

Things start to break

I can’t escape this fucking cage

Life causes me pain

People criticize

She is what saves me

This I realize

I Scream out

In the night

No one comes

But I’ll be all right

This is

This is what they all think

Wonder what they would do

If they knew I was on the brink

When I snap

Things go wrong

I have put everyone through this

And I’ve done it for too long

I need you to know

I’m not fucking around

If this torture keeps up

I’m on heading for a breakdown

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