Anger & Hurt

You're handled with a toleration

Of everyday moderation.

Give them their space, also your own,

And you just want to be alone.

Give up your dreams of infatuation,

An everyday termination.

All hope is lost, all dreams are gone,

And now you want to be alone.

All want is to be broken

From the chains that bind you.

But every word they have spoken

Serves only to remind you

That you have no freedom to run away,

You have no other choice but to stay.

So you handle this in isolation

With an everyday realization

That your dreams are not your own;

But still...

You wish to be alone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think this says it all.

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He walks backwards

His eyes look inwards

But he really doesn't see.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~Many look into themselves and see nothing!~

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Said the monster that thumped each step it took.

Closer, closer he came!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Heart beats mixed with giant, powerful steps.

A laughter cracked up above,

Even the gods have given up on you.

The giant claw came!

Down, down it came.

Jabbing carelessly into your fleshy stomach,

Cracking your skull as you let out one last cry.

The hunt is over.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Have you ever felt like this when you are in bed with a cold?

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Never Give Up, Whatever Happens!

Saying you're sorry wont change a thing,

Just wait 'til the time is right, when the fat ladies sing.

Thinking you're free makes you trapped,

How do you know? when will you adapt?

Believing there's a place better than this,

makes your head wonder in the clouds, or to my fist.

The poems and songs that give us something to live for,

When we've listened to them all, all we want is more.

Families that have the best relationships ever,

If arguments clear peoples minds...Naa, I won't bother.

Keep the pain inside, then you can defeat every problem in your path,

What happens when you burst out in tears? Don't make me laugh.

A girl can me so harsh, same as a male,

Make my life hell why don't you? I wont let you fail.

See my lover walking into the distance,

I wont even bare to take one last glance.

When you spent time to look at the skies,

Catch a moment of your life just to memorise.

See friends and family hurt to the worst degree,

Life's a bitch, don't you agree?

If you cant tell already im angry, and sad,

This poem was made for a girl, so I wont make it too bad.

Hit me and my friends with what you've got,

Now you've had us and hurt us, I'll hit you back with the same lot.

I lit a fire in my heart when i was born, and locked it away for safety,

No one can find nor blow it out, you can't even make me.

By the way one last question, do words have to make sense?

Like, heaven is the devils hell or is that an offence?

Plant a seed when you're young, and watch it grow,

When times are best it blooms, and dies when you are low.

I just read up, bloody hell this things long,

But if you don't like it then add a tune, make it a song.

You know, when people die they are still confused,

about they're life being shit, bruised or amused.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My friend is leaving school because of people not trusting her nor believing her. Im fed up with all the lies so i created a poem for her to take and keep. I'll never see her again thanks to these people who have nothing better to do with their life.

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"Illusion" *


The illusion of my happiness,

The mask of laughs and smiles,

I've lost my thirst for excellence,

Pain's crying all the while.

When living drives me crazy,

Like rain drops never end,

When hurt makes my mind hazy,

My heart follows the trend.

No happiness lives in my life,

My smiles have no truth.

My fingers clenched tight to the knife,

My laughing hides my useless youth.

My cicrumstances may govern my mood,

But, over all, I'm just lost.

I lash out in my anger, I'm hurt, so I'm rude,

I'll cover my true thoughts, no matter the cost.

All beauty escapes me, love and friends I can't find.

Truth and honesty hide from my eyes,

Greatness and pride out of reach, out of mind,

The demon of depression eternally flies.

      -Lo Ruhamah

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you have the power to destroy the world...then you have to take responsibility for the world...don't you?
- Illusion of Ryu  Breath of Fire 3

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I guess I'll finally tell you.

I guess it's time you knew.

You know, I really hate you.

I don't know what to do.

I've hated you for quite some time,

Much longer than you'd think.

I wish I'd never met you,

I wish I didn't blink.

I'm so depressed, my friends suggest that I'm obsessed, but I've expressed, I'm just distressed. I've been possessed, I must request that you confess, you're not the best, you've not been blessed. My pain's progressed, I just undress and lay to rest, watching Wild Wild West.

Now, I've been conned, you won't respond, I wish I had a magic wand, I want to meet a pretty blonde.

But, nobody cares about my state of affairs, and everyone swears that He'll answer my prayers, but, I can't find the stairs, I'm playin musical chairs, watchin Hollywood Squares, with all the millionaires, and now I'm gettin so scared.

      -Lo Ruhamah

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Someday, I will destroy you."
- Kain  Final Fantasy 4

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Bright Yellow Lights


We go on in the summer heat, breathing life to a world festering with little to no resolve

With a growing infestation of pride, of vanity under every crack, under every crevice

Roaches that pile and layer to a stifling cluster

They over-run, over-flow amongst each other, like a constant surge of rats,  of raw sewage, to the point of suffocation

Having such a cultivating rise of negligence in a world, while our daily  distrust  of others allow our bonds to be even less cohesive

Oh, but to set aside our prized personal securities that drape over the mind's eye,

Like paper in the wind,  

Would prove to be a torturous task for most

All of which, a dog's chew toy,  a child's play thing, all a needless consumption of space which can be easily doused in flames, set ablaze to be liberated into a billow of black smoke

Which now gives us the time to awaken and join hands as we realize the competition for "pick-of-the-litter" is transparent as any alpha male around us.

We should all welcome that sweet opportunity for correction

For revision

Embrace and look towards the sky to see that foreboding bright yellow light

Bright yellow lights with  mushroom heads and thunderous footsteps declaring their imminent, generous arrival.

One by one

Every town and every nation

Every boy and every girl

Every rape and every lie

Eliminated without discrimination

Even if the costs are mine to bear would be fine if it means that we get to start.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't worry, I'm not homicidal or anything, but having to dwell in an over-population of egos and arragance would affect any stable mind...

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Grant me peace

allow me to just rest,

and not have to consider

the decision

that weighs so profoundly

on my mind..

Stop pulling-

all of you!

I am not a possession.

I just want

a little contentment,

harmony and happiness

in my life.

Is that too much to ask?

I am so weary

of laboring so hard

all these years.

Let me rest.


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I have to disappear

from the numbers

and the paper.

I have to hide

from the smoke

and twisted metal.

I have to hide

from the illogic

and rapid speech.

Into the beauty

of flowing tender words

and vibrant colors

of my canvas.

I have to forget

the present

and disappear

into the color

to survive.

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