Anger & Hurt

You're handled with a toleration

Of everyday moderation.

Give them their space, also your own,

And you just want to be alone.

Give up your dreams of infatuation,

An everyday termination.

All hope is lost, all dreams are gone,

And now you want to be alone.

All want is to be broken

From the chains that bind you.

But every word they have spoken

Serves only to remind you

That you have no freedom to run away,

You have no other choice but to stay.

So you handle this in isolation

With an everyday realization

That your dreams are not your own;

But still...

You wish to be alone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think this says it all.

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Justin Christiano's picture

I like this one alot. I think many people can relate to it. I've read alot of shitty poems on this site but this is really a great one.

Kitti Kapellas's picture

I like it. Beautifully written...It reminds me of myself.

Belinda Burns's picture

Whoa I love it. Nice rhythm and pace. Beautifully done and gets a strong message through. Good work!

Karissa Fletchall's picture

Wow.. I really like this, a lot. Good work! Visit my shitty site if u want.....