Up Lifting Our Warriors

Up Lifting Our Warriors

Let us take a moment
a moment of silence please
to up lift our warriors
the life we live is not easy

A heart of thundering passion
pain, stress, and anger
loneliness, heartache, depression

Lets not forget the joy and laughter
triumphs and victories
family ties, hugs and memories

We pound the pavement marching
we pound our keyboards
we pound our beats and drums
Si Se Puede
Yes we can and yes we will!

We are your Mothers, Fathers,
Grandmothers, Grandfathers,
Sisters and Brothers,
Daughters and Sons
Children of the Sun

We cry for those without tears
We comfort those whom have fears
We march for those that can't
We speak for those without voices
We fight for those with no choices

We are not glamorous or rich
battle scares and tracks of tears
worn and tired from the years
yet we still rise to battle

In the form of words, song and art
marching, networking, protests
education, love and sharing

We are everywhere
if you but open your eyes to see
fine tune your ears to hear
open your heart to feel

Never forget, always respect
Let us Up Lift the Warriors
Pray to keep them safe
take a moment to smile
reach out a hand in thanks

For all those who came before me
for those that walk beside me
and for all those yet to come
Peace, Honors and Love

Chicahuac Necahuatl
2:54 PM 5/28/2012-2016

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To all that walk and fight for the cause, unjust, immoral, for all my beautiful warriors everywhere!

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Yestderday's News

Blow your horn loudly,
pretty girl from Portland town,
hear the melody played through the strings of wind.

Winter is over and birds fly north,
just for you my sweet baby blue,
springtime is here.

Wherever you roam trumpets roar,
wherever you go,
wherever you are.

God loves you still,
just like you are,
listen for the string quartet in hearts unbound.

Be still delicate dancing spirits like my own,
depths of the drum hear all you say,
come now all ye singers let us sing another song today.

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