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What The Fuck, Is Wrong With This World ?

From hiding from plain sight having to wear masks

To having barely teenagers committing heinous tasks

Shooting happened on the otherside of the country, couldn't believe what I read

The two behind it was a fourteen and fifteen year old kids, the end result is leaving atleast one victim dead

Where are the parents during all this shit, the media may want to quit pointing fingers at easy answers

With that bullshit your going to start claiming you know the cure for cancer.


Don't be blaming violent music, movies or video games

I'm almost forty been playing, listening and watching those types and I don't fit those claims

I get it, it must be the weak minded people who are affected

They must cry to ones parents about there friends have that system so they must too, then they become disconnected

Lines from reality and fiction become blurred

Violent thoughts enter the young mind and they become stirred.

The good thoughts they once had become a thing of the past

Just like clouds in the sky that shit is overcast


But when it hits the fingertips of the journalists all they want is easy answers to call it a day

Guess they want to finish the article, post it then all they want to do is wait to get see the pay

What ever happened to a actual journalist who does the work

Guessing they're afraid of doing some actual homework

This old bullshit worked in the past, people bought it cause they think people are dumb

Thinking this shit happens so much the world has turned numb



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No Excuses

Always hearing that many of you writers want to release a book but you honestly don't have the drive to do it

You all keep walking around talking about how your gonna like it's difficult, like getting a building permit

Once I decided that's what I wanted to do I took it upon myself to do every part of it on my own

Never once have I asked for help, never have I been coached I never was shown

I'm not waiting to be discovered by a publishing house just to get my stuff released

So that they can tell me the only way they would release what I write is if certain subjects increase


That's not the way I work, I write what comes to mind

Never been one to hold back, when it comes to my writing I'm one of a kind

Taking the next step and leaving many behind in the dust telling me I never will get anything released

My count keeps going up, so I guess I'm raising like bakers yeast


I don't need to wait any longer, as quick as I can write

My brain sparks and my ideas ignite


No excuses anymore, time to get up and do it yourself

Lets see you finally get that book out on the bookshelf

If you want it done, lets see you stand up and do it on your own

I know I'm still one whose basically unknown

But that doesn't stop me.

Over a hundred and whose slowing me down ? NOBODY



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There's a creature inside my head, I can hear it running around

I think it's waiting for me to have a nervous breakdown

I've learned in my life that the scariest creature is the one that's iniside my mind

When everyday I try to pretend to show the world that everything is just fine

I struggle just to keep my composure

Keeping the creature trapped in it's own enclosure


Woke up one day and looked at myself in the mirror, as I blinked I kept seeing a glimpse of it

Almost feel like I should be in a mental hospital, but this creature is wearing Ken as it's straight jacket

Keep looking at myself saying I dislike at what I see looking back at me and it's time for a change

Knowing deep down that as I try to do just that both on the inside and outside truly does feel strange

Been this way for so long I've gotten comfortable, to the point that I'm scared to be anything but

No wonder I keep feeling more and more depressed, I must be constantly digging myself more into that rut


I know change isn't a easy thing to do, nor will it happen overnight

As of late I feel like I have been hit by a meteorite

Feeling more and more yucky, trying to find out who I really am

What you don't know is most of the time inside my head is a traffic jam


There's a creature inside my head, I can hear it running around

I think it's waiting for me to have a nervous breakdown

I've learned in my life that the scariest creature is the one that's iniside my mind

When everyday I try to pretend to show the world that everything is just fine

I struggle just to keep my composure

Keeping the creature trapped in it's own enclosure



Tupac & Big

Biggie & Tu

two hustlers in the music scene

thug life & the means to swing

rap in the way it used to be

making sweet magic & history

gone are the days we used to wake up in a purple haze

kissing second cousin falling in a daze

like a mouse that's stuck in a maze

shattered dreams things don't seem what they mean

stick a fork in me cause I'm done

soon I'll be off to run

as a young homeboy in the hood

busting sweet rhymes like I knew he should

wouldn't care in what they said or did

busting out with a cherry bomb under a garbage van lid

Pussy ain't nothing but meat on the bone

I'll suck it, I'll fuck it, I'll leave it alone

Sound the alarm cause I'm out shooting blanks

Two hoods in the hip hop scene

producer Shug Knight can get awful mean

Falling head long at the seams

Living in the land of mean

The freaks come out at night out of sight

Riding in there Benz popping on Depends

shattered dreams evil schemes things don't seem what they mean

See you on the flip side squeeze

I'm going to pray to God it will knock you to your knees

The bees sugar is honey and honey is sweet

I got these cool rhymes buzzing from my head down to my feet

Biggie & Tu may have bitten off far more then they could chew

Nothing knew both had high top mansions

Silver dollars with no ransom

They both had left a legacy

See the new movie out going down in history

R.I.P. my friends see you in heaven looking down

For now I'll still listen to your tracks with no frown

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Up Lifting Our Warriors

Up Lifting Our Warriors

Let us take a moment
a moment of silence please
to up lift our warriors
the life we live is not easy

A heart of thundering passion
pain, stress, and anger
loneliness, heartache, depression

Lets not forget the joy and laughter
triumphs and victories
family ties, hugs and memories

We pound the pavement marching
we pound our keyboards
we pound our beats and drums
Si Se Puede
Yes we can and yes we will!

We are your Mothers, Fathers,
Grandmothers, Grandfathers,
Sisters and Brothers,
Daughters and Sons
Children of the Sun

We cry for those without tears
We comfort those whom have fears
We march for those that can't
We speak for those without voices
We fight for those with no choices

We are not glamorous or rich
battle scares and tracks of tears
worn and tired from the years
yet we still rise to battle

In the form of words, song and art
marching, networking, protests
education, love and sharing

We are everywhere
if you but open your eyes to see
fine tune your ears to hear
open your heart to feel

Never forget, always respect
Let us Up Lift the Warriors
Pray to keep them safe
take a moment to smile
reach out a hand in thanks

For all those who came before me
for those that walk beside me
and for all those yet to come
Peace, Honors and Love

Chicahuac Necahuatl
2:54 PM 5/28/2012-2016

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To all that walk and fight for the cause, unjust, immoral, for all my beautiful warriors everywhere!

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