You Are My Hope

The beat of your heart I am
The blood in your vein I am
The life of your body I am
The spirit in your soul I am
Given you hope I have
You thought you not cope
You was at the end of your rope, you fell
In love with me a nd only me you care
The love of your life I truly am
It starts your heart to sing to see my smile
You can hear the belld start tu ring
When your wu=ith me you feel nothing amiss
It's because of my loving kiss
As you stare at my face you get lost in my beaury
For you will never become a day my love
Just to have me by your side
Our lives will have a joyal ride
With passion and pride I fill your heart
Your love for meI will never forget
Without my love you would have no clue,;

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I Feel Blessed To Know You

I feel blessed to know you
Ever since the first day
There has been a connection
It is so strong
I come on and look to see
If your here
I want to talk to you, so much
I feel so lonely when your not here
I feel blessed to know you.

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