Kissing Rant

Yeah I'm pissed
I wasted my very 1st kiss
On a boy who almost missed
my lips
who practically spit in
my mouth
and licked it in and
out and
yeah I'm gonna pout
about my very 1st kiss
because I'm pissed
and Ima ditch
because it's just
not worth it.

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You softly touch my cheek

My breath catches in my lungs

Kiss me, no need to speak

As we begin clashing tongues


Reluctantly we pull away

And stare into each other’s eyes

There is nothing we can say

 Only soft mumbles and sighs


As thoughts begin to come to mind

I noticed the breath I did not take

I take the breath I could not find

And breathe again for my own sake


~Chrystal Swallows

Written on

December 19, 2003

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I acually like this poem. I find that reading it, you don't take a breath until the end.

her kisses kisses kisses

put in debbie

sometimes when you get so celibate

the kiss of death

in a gangster movie

is erotic

let me be the first to say

let me be the first to say

her lips are full and wonderful

wouldn't it be funny

if a funeral procession

went through wendy's

her kisses kisses kisses

it has bee a long time

since someone has found

me desirable

i'm trying to enjoy it

with out losing touch

with reality because of it

i wish i knew all the words

to louie louie

i'm hard core

when i lay my head

on her shoulder

against her leather

i find romance

today i danced

with an old black woman

while i pretended i was james brown

i'm american

believing too much

in gold and freedom

her kisses kisses kisses

i think you know what i mean

deep touches

i stroke her like

the bosses pet

but i'm not the biggest back stabber

in the office

making love to her is the labyrinth

you get lost in

and the poppy field

you fall asleep with

like a dream of the senses

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Wrong Kiss

love crap

“Just do it” she said with her perfectly shaped mouth,

leaning in towards me, lips hanging on,

lonely, waiting for mine.

I’m in a bind. I can not kiss her

Here she stands announcing her thoughts

That she may be bisexual, known or not

The four of us sit in a circle, looking

Over and over, each of us lock eyes

“I’ve never kissed a girl” say the other three

United we stand, all that is, but me.

The plan that they did derive

Is that we bring ourselves alive

Changing this past, and locking lips.

Breaking boundaries, touching hips.

Four girls. Three kisses for each.

Twelve kisses total that others would miss.

The summer before, I was kissed by a girl. Otherwise, I was just like them, untouched by female lips.

Did it seem like a good idea? Not at all.

The first two lock lips: they don’t like each other.

They want to like women. the kiss keeps on going.

The longer they kiss, the bigger the knot in my stomach becomes.

Hesitations are arising, the next kiss coming soon

I am sitting here and hoping when it comes I’ll be immune.

“It doesn’t matter that we have boyfriends” whispers she

“It’s not as if we like each other” words assuring me.

Ava leans in, pursing her lips, smelling soft and sweet

Then I back up just before my lips with her should meet.

Judgments passing ‘round the room, burning up my soul.

Accusations envelop me, as they stare with horrid eyes

“She’s clearly homophobic”; ignorant to the lies.

I want her. So badly. And no one sees through the guise.

I’ve wanted her for ages. The chance is here at last.

I’ll never forgive myself once this night has passed.

In a bind. I sit. Waiting. Shaking. Innocent. Lost. Losing.

The three lean in, touching tongues. Waiting for my fourth.

In fear of bad assumptions, I let mine set forth.

Cheating may not be the right way to win, but let me tell you, I have won.

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Por un beso de tus labios, viajaría a las estrellas, olvidando mi miedo a las alturas entregándome a lo sublime de lo terrenal y lo divino. Por un sólo beso de tus labios, entregaría mi corazón al peor de los malhechores, sin importar un segundo.

Por un beso de tus labios, olvidaría mi pasado y comenzaría a vivir mi presente a tu lado. Por un beso de tus labios, me arriesgaría amar tus imperfecciones, me quemaría en el infierno más hermoso que jamás ha existido.

Por un beso de tus labios,volaria por los cielos y nadaria atravez del mar, me transformaría en la villano más patético de este cuento de hadas. Por un beso cariño mío… Un beso de tus labios, escaparía de mi mundo y me acomodaría a vivir en el tuyo.

Por un beso de tus labios, probaría lo eterno, saltaría a la tierra hasta llegar a tu suelo, llegaría amar cada gota de lluvia que cae y llena el abismo que nos separa. Por un beso, cambiaría mi nombre y te robaría hasta el último y más pecaminoso suspiro puro.

Por un beso de tus labios, amor mío recorrería tu piel y no dejara rastros de mí en ti, dejaría que conquistaras cada parte de mí.

y todo eso Por un simple beso.....

by. Felix Vargas

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that kiss made me love you O_O

this wasnt what i expected

how could i fall for you?

how could we kiss that day?

the first day i met you...

i just know that there was something about you

something that drived meh crazy

something that i couldnt explain

if everything i could ask for

is your love

i would ask for you love forever

if i had a wish

it would be to wake up next to you

every morning

and to sleep next to you

every night

you are my shining star

but i guss you wont know

how much i really need you

you are the only one who can cure my heart

you make me smile

when im down

you make me laugh

when i cry

you make me want 2 be with you...

i cant believe this thing i feel is more then like

but then again it was just a week ago

we met

that same day

i gave you my heart with my kisss

i think this crush is more then anything love

i love you... i really do

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my first kiss with the guy of my dreams

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One Last Kiss

I sit here on my bed and write,

Staring at your picture tonight.

I wish that you were here with me,

Here with me my hands so cold.

Missing you here and now,

Though every day I see you now.

I watch you through my frozen mask,

Burning heart is here to last.

I see you with your new best friend,

Ditching me for him again.

I sit and wait,

Our dinner cold.

Our reservations make its due,

The place you promised me to meet.

You ditched me again,

For him at least.

I know exactly what you do,

I know exactly why you do.

I just ask one thing of you,

One thing before you break us two.

Can I get one kiss from you?

One last kiss from me to you?

One more kiss to tie me over,

For somehow he stole you from me.

I don’t know why you played me so,

Maybe to get him jealous I don’t know.

But you got what you want,

I’m here alone again.

So all I ask,

Is One Last Kiss.

One Last Kiss,

To make it through.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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The three kisses


  The Three Kisses ©

The kiss of hello

The kiss that is never just a kiss

The kiss that spikes vein with precision orchestra

The kiss that heals in entirety

The kiss that hides the relent of vex

The kiss that suffocates rusting man

The kiss without detail/ed system)

The kiss that pounds each pore to state of heroin

The kiss that Hiroshimates euphoria

The kiss that approximates/parallels living

The kiss only

The kiss, the kiss

The kiss of neither hello nor goodbye

The kiss for the sake

The kiss to save face

The distracted kiss for/of domestic bliss

The kiss to bathe mania in generic valium, the kiss of the motions

The kiss of searing content, hindering suffocation and blasé defection

The default kiss, the efficient kiss, the alteria (motive) kiss

The kiss that makes sense

The new language of kiss

Le kiss, le kiss

The kiss of goodbye

The kiss that is never just a kiss

The kiss that spikes vein with precision orchestra

The kiss that deals in hypocrisy

The kiss that begins and ends each second

Job, health, kiss, marriage, car, security, kiss,

yearn, enjoyment, loss, holiday, kiss, loss holiday kiss

The kiss that Hiroshimates plague

The kiss that parallels living/approximates rage

The memory of kiss *acidifies brain

the kiss, the kiss, the end  

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first kiss


lets lean you against the jeep

whispering beatles lyrics against

the curls of the cartilage of your ears

beep beep yeah

i wish to feel the trembles beneath your lips

your kiss in the dance

perched like a snake feeling

your panties coil and your toes wilt

in the start of poetry and novel content

hissing like the mist of pleasure

let's be your kiss

with the condensation playing a rumba

forming images in the cumulus

let's balance a pretense on a smile

and curl it back to me while you sift

the air for oxygen

what you don't know fading in

from the white of the night

let's lean against once and beyond

of your kiss besides myself

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