that kiss made me love you O_O

this wasnt what i expected

how could i fall for you?

how could we kiss that day?

the first day i met you...

i just know that there was something about you

something that drived meh crazy

something that i couldnt explain

if everything i could ask for

is your love

i would ask for you love forever

if i had a wish

it would be to wake up next to you

every morning

and to sleep next to you

every night

you are my shining star

but i guss you wont know

how much i really need you

you are the only one who can cure my heart

you make me smile

when im down

you make me laugh

when i cry

you make me want 2 be with you...

i cant believe this thing i feel is more then like

but then again it was just a week ago

we met

that same day

i gave you my heart with my kisss

i think this crush is more then anything love

i love you... i really do

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my first kiss with the guy of my dreams

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phil_carcione's picture

Ah! Young love........if only I could experience it again.