You softly touch my cheek

My breath catches in my lungs

Kiss me, no need to speak

As we begin clashing tongues


Reluctantly we pull away

And stare into each other’s eyes

There is nothing we can say

 Only soft mumbles and sighs


As thoughts begin to come to mind

I noticed the breath I did not take

I take the breath I could not find

And breathe again for my own sake


~Chrystal Swallows

Written on

December 19, 2003

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I acually like this poem. I find that reading it, you don't take a breath until the end.

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I really like it too =.] haha

I really like it too =.] haha I didn't take a breath to the end, not so sure about the "clashing toungs" lol

~ Tinyy

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My intentions

I actually meant for this poem to be read in one beathe. That is why it is so short. Also, why I named it "Mid-Breath." The "clashing tounges" was meant to imply us kissing.
But thank you for the comment. This is why I posted all my poems here. For the comments and feed back I would inevitably get. But, thank you for your comment.
Did you also notice, that the last stanza incurs its own speed?

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