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Dry Shrimp & Beer

Since the recent dead of my grandparent my family and I have had a moment remembering the

great thins of my grandpa and his habits. One very good habit from my grandpa and a very is

that he would always have a kind of tradition. Every single day he drove to the OXXO to buy two

“Tecate Light” beers and a bag of dry shrimp. This was his great snack in the day and his “alone”

moment. My grandpa sat every day on the sidewalk outside his house thinking and seeing

everyone who passes by his street. He always repeated this every day when he could, around

from four to six o’clock in the afternoon. He lived in Allende, N.L. a little town more or less fifty

minutes from Monterrey. Anyhow when one of us, his grandchildren would ride with him in his

truck, the smells in the interior were always dry shrimp. Of the heavy salt in these types of

shrimps, the smell, from a reasonable distance it would always be easy to identify it. After he was

getting older, this habit decreased a lot because his immune system was having difficulties to

work correctly and started to get sick very often. This was no reason to stop him completely

every once and a while he had his snack of dry shrimp accompanied by a beer. And when the

beer was to cold he would put it in the sink letting the water heat it to help his throat. My grandpa

before leaving the planet was in the hospital eleven months very severe and it was not until his

dead all of us his grandchildren and family, we started to remember about his typical snacks and

would have a great time and in some times we would cry a little by missing him. Since my

grandfather’s dead, my father starts doing this same habit, just a very unusual thing for him. My

father starter to pick up this kind of habit because he never knew what was his father thinking in

all that time so he started trying, he would do the same thing, buy some beer and some dry

shrimps. He normally sits in the yard of our house looking to the horizon having his time and

asking not to be disturbed. The funny thing is that mixing this shrimps with a beer would give a

great taste that probably would clear your mind for that moment or the rest of the day.

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My cousin's Nintendos

My cousin’s Nintendos



My cousin is cool, he's my best friend, but he has a big problem… his video game consoles. They are so shiny, they are so bright, they promise to take you to adventures and to win fights. He takes them with him all the time, to the school or even to the moon. He can’t forget them because without a player 1 the world would end.

He doesn't care if it's a beautiful day because it doesn't counts if he can't play. First it was his GameBoy that was blinding him, not because eye care but from his reality. Then it was his Nintendo DS that doubled not only the screen but the trouble (and let’s not talk about his 3DS). He doesn't eat food, he consumes Mana from the magical woods. He doesn’t commit any mistakes, because he has earned enough experience points. You would not want to bother him, he’s level is over 9000. He doesn't care if it's Christmas, he doesn't care if we are at the mall because not losing his game is his biggest goal.

We never see each other so often, because I live here and he lives there, and when I have the opportunity to visit him he seems not to care. We used to be so close but then he got trapped in another world (or worlds), I wanted my cousin back and the only way I found to do that was dressing with a shining armor and challenge him to duel. He took out another of his valuable possessions, it was not a diamont or money, it was a second player controller. So I took my sword and entered to his world and discovered that it was not bad, at all. We began fighting each other until a monster came and fight together. We defeated the boss, and we broke the barrier. We were in the same world now, it just happened, I don’t know how. It was good to spend time together, again. This will last until he gets a new video game.


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I like...

I like to have friends, but 
I like people to come to me. 
I don't like to receive or give 
disrespect, but I am a mirror. 
I appreciate silent times, but I 
can't live without sound. My 
brain won't sleep without the 
whirring of my fan. I enjoy 
when the world has whimsy. I 
dislike when someone is too 
serious. Laughter lights up 
the cosmos. 

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Sorry I've been gone for almost a year XD I will eventually answer to all of your comments on my (now old) work.

I just haven't been writing like I used to...or have had much access to this site. Hopefully that will change; I missed this place :)


On another note, though this format felt strange to work with, (not my idea...) I quite liked the end result, and am considering adding much more to it. Even though I already exceeded the requirements for the assignment XD

Should I?

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