When you examine everything around you,
There are always these small tethers,
That tie everything/everyone together,
The connections vary from large to small,
Yet fundamentally they're always there...

It entices the mind when you examine it,
That every little thing is but a small part,
Of something alot larger and more complex,
Its both fascinating yet annoying at the same time,
To think that we're but small players in a bigger game...

Whenever you think of how people connect,
Whether it be romantic/platonic/familial bonds,
We all need and crave that connection to someone,
Whether its love or something alot less then love,
We nonetheless all have need of that feeling...

How come it is I haven't yet found that connection,
The feeling of being connected to someone,
On a deeper level then just the normal ways,
Not only love, I've felt that before, thats not new,
But someone I can share my soul with...

Someone, Somewhere out there is wondering,
Thinking, pondering the same things I am,
They might be my age, older or younger,
They might be looking for love or not,
Yet I know we all ponder this question...

I know what connection it is that I'm seeking,
What's it like to be with someone who,
Makes you feel amazing all the time,
Someone who makes you feel complete,
Maybe and hopefully that person is you...


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