sister moon

it was a love affair of sorts

two souls reaching out 

making a connection 


knowing it was something

unique and precious 

this was a divine union


It was beautiful and true

we were sisters of the moon

we laughed we danced we played

looked forward to it each day


then one chilly early morn

I awoke to find she'd vanished

I couldn't understand


where did she go?

why would she leave?

why wouldn't she tell me?


I asked around

no one had seen her

my heart sunk to the floor


where had my sister gone?


I came across a clue

it had to be hers

it was just her style


so I reached out and touched it

but was knocked to the floor

by a ravaging whirling electrical storm


I didn't know what hit me

but I felt these teeth sink into my neck

and suddenly a beast was born


He took over my being

he went on a rampage

and tore my sister to shreds


how could this be

this being was not me

but these were my hands

doing the evil deed


I stopped him from killing her

but she'd not trust me again

and how could she

after all it was these hands


I tried to convince her 

but she pushed me away

"get out of here

I don't want you to stay"


devastation set in

and then it began

the beast was trying

to kill me from the inside


oh what a battle

we fought for 6 nights

he went on and on

and I couldn't take flight


the battle continues

to this very day

but I tell you I'm winning

I'm well on my way


I've seen my sister

now and again

sometimes she smiles at me

and that makes me grin


but I know I have lost

the trust we once had

and I still sit here 

feeling quite sad


still she sends lessons

from her distant star

I don't always get them

soon enough to take part


so I send her my blessings

and hope she receives

I will love her from a distance

I shall now set her free












Author's Notes/Comments: 

This piece was inspired by botulism while I was going through it. At least that's what my doctor suspected it was from my description. I did not go to the doctor while I was sick. Having had the experience, which reminded me of how Wesley in The Princess Bride must have felt when he was on that torture device, was the most excruciating pain of my life. I feel like I could almost relate to a torture victim. It felt like a thousand knives with electrical cords attached all moving in opposite directions as it shocked me and made my body convulse over and over and over again. This persisted for months with more time in between each shock. 


I survived!!


Also inspired by my first poetic friend who disappeared all of a sudden. 


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I miss my sister!

Been a long time since I've been around. My sister is gone now, nowhere to be found. I wish I had checked back in once in a while. Now that she's gone from here, I can't even smile.

Where'd you go? I miss your words... You know who you are.

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