breaking free

Midnight Souls

In the purple hazy skies,
Beneath the tree of the weeping fruit.
The nocturnal stare into patterned clouds,
As they slowly breathe the voice of tomorrow,
Secretly screaming for another way.

The sharp horizon severs the world in two,
Cascading waterfalls bend rainbow wishes,
Contaminating them with mists of despair.
Across twilight moons,
Shadows steal stars from the sky,
Locking them in vacuum pockets.

Without the light to guide them into the destination unknown,
Mothers drown their babies as they tread thick water,
Holding their breath to capture the voice of tomorrow,
Secretly screaming for another day.

Brothers cling to each other’s life,
Swimming in separate waters,
They stray to find their own path,
Freedom from the chains of imbedded fate,
Escaping the judgement of society’s imprint.

In a desert oasis,
Far from the voice of yesterday,
Two twin souls embrace,
Freedom in their own desert garden,
Clarity in every new movement,
Future days,
Another way.

youth N revolt

Calling all youth
We will be silenced no more.
Its time to break our silence and find our voice.
They say we are lost,
But this generation has yet to be found.
Unleash the chaos from within.
Time is aginst us,
But we have fight.
No longer will we be held under control.
We demand revolution.
We are youth in revolt.

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Arise and Soar

I will arise from these ashes
With a solid strength
The past will not define me
Because I have persevered
I will write the next chapter
Becoming more powerful and courageous
I am breaking free from this prison
To soar high blissfully
Your chains can no longer confine me
Because I can see past you now
I want to taste the sweetness of my own life
And enjoy every bit of it without you