Awake! Arise! Act!

What is Awake?
Don’t be fake………

What is Arise?
See God’s True Love in all living eyes!

What is Act?
Works that chain oneself into a power pack!

So Awake, Arise & Act Well,
Earth will be the perfect heaven to dwell!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A way of life given in this poem!

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Arise and Soar

I will arise from these ashes
With a solid strength
The past will not define me
Because I have persevered
I will write the next chapter
Becoming more powerful and courageous
I am breaking free from this prison
To soar high blissfully
Your chains can no longer confine me
Because I can see past you now
I want to taste the sweetness of my own life
And enjoy every bit of it without you