Midnight Souls

In the purple hazy skies,
Beneath the tree of the weeping fruit.
The nocturnal stare into patterned clouds,
As they slowly breathe the voice of tomorrow,
Secretly screaming for another way.

The sharp horizon severs the world in two,
Cascading waterfalls bend rainbow wishes,
Contaminating them with mists of despair.
Across twilight moons,
Shadows steal stars from the sky,
Locking them in vacuum pockets.

Without the light to guide them into the destination unknown,
Mothers drown their babies as they tread thick water,
Holding their breath to capture the voice of tomorrow,
Secretly screaming for another day.

Brothers cling to each other’s life,
Swimming in separate waters,
They stray to find their own path,
Freedom from the chains of imbedded fate,
Escaping the judgement of society’s imprint.

In a desert oasis,
Far from the voice of yesterday,
Two twin souls embrace,
Freedom in their own desert garden,
Clarity in every new movement,
Future days,
Another way.

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I enjoyed your imagery.

I enjoyed your imagery. Really beautiful soul writing. <3

**if it's an eye for an eye, then we'll all go blind.**

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Wow.... just wow...... that

Wow.... just wow...... that was honestly one of the most profound works I have ever read....

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Thanks for such a compliment

Thanks for such a compliment :)

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it's a nice and

it's a nice and interesting

poem very wonderful

title and i so much like it



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Really really an enjoyable

Really really an enjoyable read. I "felt" midnight. Thanks. 


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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If I made you feel

If I made you feel something... then I have succeeded. Thank you :)

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Star Stealing Shadows

I love it when they do that. Twin souls is such a rich and plumbable image. Cool and contemplative ~~A~~