Honesty and self awareness

Journey of the Dissident

Pour poison on the brain,

Losing my self-control again;

I’ve been away too long,

I don’t recognise these shores,

Yet I was born and baptised in them.


Now I’m drowning in Aquarius eyes,

And choking on pearl tears,

Building something out of nothing,

Erecting an obelisk of all my thoughts and fears,

A spiralling story, shrouded by the clouds,

Threating to crush me at the beginning of a storm,

Knowing the beginning, but the rest is never-ending.


I’m a stranger in my body, reaching for control,

My mind was once my nemesis,

A place to refuge,

My body is now a vessel,

To champion my greatest glory,

A tapestry that changes from perspective,

To stitch and sow into flesh: ever so permanent.


Dissident marches on a limp foot,

Sheltering from electric thoughts;

Carved imperfections, a beauty to behold,

Freedom is a conquest with consequence,

Imprisonment for truths yet spoken,

True victory is to know that there is belief in oneself,

A catalyst for rebellion: the message is sewn. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This may seem dijointed, but I think it's came together nicely... I'm on a new path in life, so tried to convey that.

Midnight Souls

In the purple hazy skies,
Beneath the tree of the weeping fruit.
The nocturnal stare into patterned clouds,
As they slowly breathe the voice of tomorrow,
Secretly screaming for another way.

The sharp horizon severs the world in two,
Cascading waterfalls bend rainbow wishes,
Contaminating them with mists of despair.
Across twilight moons,
Shadows steal stars from the sky,
Locking them in vacuum pockets.

Without the light to guide them into the destination unknown,
Mothers drown their babies as they tread thick water,
Holding their breath to capture the voice of tomorrow,
Secretly screaming for another day.

Brothers cling to each other’s life,
Swimming in separate waters,
They stray to find their own path,
Freedom from the chains of imbedded fate,
Escaping the judgement of society’s imprint.

In a desert oasis,
Far from the voice of yesterday,
Two twin souls embrace,
Freedom in their own desert garden,
Clarity in every new movement,
Future days,
Another way.


As a child, I'd yell for
Mother and fathers attention.
"Look!!! see what I can do?"
Than mother would say
"No one can do that better than you!"
... Oh, The confidence they would build.
I was so proud of my achievement
And completely thrilled.
As an adult keep their praise in your heart,
Then you and confidence shall never part.
Yet, if mother and father did not give praise
Then generate your own in self-loving ways.
This in it's self may seem to take longer
Yet, achievements like this
Shall make you much stronger!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

'If you wish in this world to advance, Your merits you're bound to enhance; You must stir it and stump it And blow your own trumpet, Or, trust me, you haven't a chance.

[ W. S .Gilbert: Ruddigore I ]

Love and Truth
Patty Hermes

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My Charge

Life Lessons

I must not forget the kindness and compassion of my heart
they were and are a part of me.
having forgotten them in place of being hard and defensive.
I now return back to that which I was born into.
Kindness and Compassion for my fellow man and woman.
These are my greatest gifts,
Not great intelligence or wisdom,
Strength or dexterity,
Not any metaphysical sense or talent.
But Kindness and Compassion,
People have said that if you are to kind people will walk all over you.
I know that and accept that.
But know that,
That is there issue not mine.
I will not turn down a hand that needs help
no matter what.
That is what I have been called to do.
That is what being a Healer is about.
Not charging money to write prescriptions,
or perform healing rituals or energy on others.
But out of the kindness of your heart and soul.
This is my charge I was given since birth,
And I accept it with all my heart and soul.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was one of those poems that come to you. And you just have to write it down.

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