Breathe Blood

Breathe Blood when it's in your skin.
Breathe Blood when it's out of it.

Breathe Blood when it's innocent.
No longer in your skin.

A razor will bring it out of it.

Yes, a lovely, gorgeous, delectable razor will do it all.
I know it may be wrong.

But the feeling is just so strong.
And it doesn't take too long.

I'll cut deep,
And I'll cut a stream.

To Bleed is to go deep.

I've fallen to the floor,
There is blood galore.

I'm bleeding and drowning
I'm drowning and counting

How many seconds I have until I'm dead.
And drowning in what's left.

Breathe Blood when your inhaling it

Breathe Blood when it's in your head

Breathe Blood when it's in your lungs.

Breathe Blood Until you're done.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is another horrible, ugly, deathly, and brutal little poem, I think it's so cute though. But very unpleasant. Again, I'm not suicidal. I just like writing ugly little deathly poems like this, about it.

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Lovers Torture.

My bones seem to reverberate,
Oh, please God, stop the shakes.
Someone should offer my place.
Something must be an escape.

Don't give me any more wine,
I know you're not this kind.
Stop feeding my rage;
Just let me out of this cage.

Such heavy manacles on my wrists.
Why do you have to torture me like this?
Can't you just leave me alone?
I said go!

Don't give me any more food.
I'd rather starve than be with you.
Stop feeding my hatred.
Just end this; tear me to shreds.

You should shut it; I'm not fine.
I'm not a fool to your lies.
No, it's not you I need.
Go away and leave me be!

Don't leave a rose when you go.
It holds your fragrance; and with that I will not cope.
Stop trying to give me love,
When I die I'll send you torture from above.

Is that a knife at my thigh?
Hurry and say goodbye.
His forked tongue makes my stomach churn.
What I'd give for my head to turn.

Don't feed my fear.
I'd cut off your face to get rid of that leer.
Stop grinning at my threats.
You won't be laughing when I'm holding your neck.

What I'd give to make your death slow.
I know you're alive; the voices told me so.
Just my imagination?
I'll show you abomination!

Don't you free my life.
Hell, if you do you'd better hide that scythe.
Stop unlocking the manacles from me.
Screw you; this isn't funny!

Ah, gods, run home!
Hurry up, leave me alone.
Please, please, run faster!
Can't you see you've created a monster?

You know what? Never mind.
I've already cleaved into your life.
Now that I've got your heart,
I'm going to tear you apart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Ethan.

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