You'll never know what you'll find
inside the depths of a depressed mind
crying when you're glad
smiling when you're sad
in the mirror i stare
realizing i dont care
the one i see
staring back isnt me
standing over the shattered tear soaked glass
that i used to forget my past
but with every bottle i drank
the farther i sank
the re-runs haunting me
of the memories taunting me
i pop some pills
as my body spills
lying on the floor
my kids knock at the door
but its too late
i've already chosen my fate!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is a poem i had to write for my psychology class. i got the inspiration for it from past and current experiences.

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Go Ahead!

GO AHEAD!! Ruin your body, destroy your organs from the inside out.

Hurt the people around you, abuse the ones you love.

Kill innocent kids riding their bikes or sitting in the back of mom’s mini van.

GO AHEAD!! Risk loosing your job, your house, your car and even your marriage.

Teach your kids how to be a lowlife, pass out in front of the TV drooling at 9 PM.

Miss out on family vacations and outings, even your son’s first starting QB varsity game.

You are the one who suffers.

So, GO AHEAD!! Loose your friendships and your past relationships.

When you go home, break your nice things and threaten your wife.

Hold her down and choke her until she cries out that she can’t breathe

GO AHEAD!! Miss all your son’s football games,

Except for one where you show up yelling obscenities and picking fights.

Forget your daughter’s dance recital and show up on Sunday incoherently hoping you are on time.

You are the one who suffers.

Just remember, you are not the one who has to clean up the broken glass, or mop up the puke in the bathroom.

You are not the one who has to perform without any family in the audience, or the one who has his first kick off with no father to cheer him on.

You are not the one who has neck and back pain or has to make up stories about where your bruises came from so that your husband doesn't go to jail.

And you are not the one who feels bad about herself because her husband calls her names and ridicules her.

You are not the one who has to pay the probation bills and court costs.

You are not the one who has to lie to others and say things at home are fine.

You are not the one who suffers.

Alcohol kills your family