'10 The Night You Made Me Cry

Call Me


You call me up again tonight
You only call when you need something
I wonder what it is this time

I remember all those things clearly
Not long ago, you used to call me honey
But it's until you found new toy to play with

I was such a fool
When I fell hard for you
You used me as a tool

But don't worry it was the past
I knew it would never last
I'm lucky I woke up fast

'Cause I won't listen to you anymore
I don't want to hear your crooked voice
No, even if you knock thrice on my door

Try and call me now
This time I'll be very cruel
Tell the things I wish you knew

Pull out your usual lines
I've heard them many times
This time I won't be nice

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about waking up from a terrible relationship where you're just being used because of your feelings for the other side of that relationship. This is called "CALL ME."

'10 The Night You Made Me Cry


The Night You Made Me Cry

Well...there I stood, the day when I could have easily turned away
And there I wept through, to that song, wondering what went wrong
Knew I'd write about you in the end, then again, what'd be the sense
So I just dropped and kneeled in sigh on the night you made me cry...

Even though my bashful heart held a very protective guard
Your tender words incised as I considered your "disguise"
What a greet it turned out to be that a happy tear did not foresee
Without a word I smiled in my mind trying to walk a straight line

How do ones' words turn a nobody into a hopeless somebody?
Feeling the need of someone only to contend and be with no one
I felt a weakness for your need, but soon after, I felt a sweet relief
Tears won't shed during the day cause I'd caught up on your play

You carved me very well, but, indeed I detected your tricky smell
You "tripped" in your own trance that hinted me a better glance
Throughout the night you tried to deny; but tipsy would subside
An error you later learned turned to a love that was undeserved

So there I stood...all my tears on display when I should have turned away
Finally acknowledged your wickedness as I acknowledged my blindness
But you helped me to get rid of a weigh; helped to shed my sadness away
Unknowingly forced my heart to say, "There's happiness coming your way

©David Joel Rodriguez



Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Sometimes you have to experience a sadness to appreciate a happiness or vice versa" David J. Rodz

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