Angry at Love

Call Me


You call me up again tonight
You only call when you need something
I wonder what it is this time

I remember all those things clearly
Not long ago, you used to call me honey
But it's until you found new toy to play with

I was such a fool
When I fell hard for you
You used me as a tool

But don't worry it was the past
I knew it would never last
I'm lucky I woke up fast

'Cause I won't listen to you anymore
I don't want to hear your crooked voice
No, even if you knock thrice on my door

Try and call me now
This time I'll be very cruel
Tell the things I wish you knew

Pull out your usual lines
I've heard them many times
This time I won't be nice

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about waking up from a terrible relationship where you're just being used because of your feelings for the other side of that relationship. This is called "CALL ME."

Lovely things I hate about you...

Lovely things I hate about you…

I hate that smile, so sweet yet so cruel…
I hate how you're the only one that makes me act like a fool…
I hate your stupid songs I can't get out of my head,
These are the only ones now that can get me to bed…

I hate being weak when in your presence
And how I cry every night losing my essence…
I hate your dark clothes and hair
For they make me curious and willing to dare…

I hate your strong influence,
I hate your endurance,
I hate that feeling of not feeling my knees,
I hate all that control you have over me…

Hate how calm I become when I'm with you,
And how your promises fade failing to come true…
I hate how I'm trembling whenever I see you;
I hate having feelings, especially for you!

Because I am a fool, made of clay you can handle…
I hate that I'm dead and you're my only candle…
I hate you so much …but it's true…
I only hate being in love with you…

Author's Notes/Comments: 



As he told me..."love is spontaneous"...well this poem sure was. Took less than 5 minutes to write.

Anybody feel the same way?

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