'10 The Night You Made Me Cry


The Night You Made Me Cry

Well...there I stood, the day when I could have easily turned away
And there I wept through, to that song, wondering what went wrong
Knew I'd write about you in the end, then again, what'd be the sense
So I just dropped and kneeled in sigh on the night you made me cry...

Even though my bashful heart held a very protective guard
Your tender words incised as I considered your "disguise"
What a greet it turned out to be that a happy tear did not foresee
Without a word I smiled in my mind trying to walk a straight line

How do ones' words turn a nobody into a hopeless somebody?
Feeling the need of someone only to contend and be with no one
I felt a weakness for your need, but soon after, I felt a sweet relief
Tears won't shed during the day cause I'd caught up on your play

You carved me very well, but, indeed I detected your tricky smell
You "tripped" in your own trance that hinted me a better glance
Throughout the night you tried to deny; but tipsy would subside
An error you later learned turned to a love that was undeserved

So there I stood...all my tears on display when I should have turned away
Finally acknowledged your wickedness as I acknowledged my blindness
But you helped me to get rid of a weigh; helped to shed my sadness away
Unknowingly forced my heart to say, "There's happiness coming your way

©David Joel Rodriguez



Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Sometimes you have to experience a sadness to appreciate a happiness or vice versa" David J. Rodz

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heatherburns35's picture

the night you made me cry

this happens to all of us...nice poem.  heather