*To The One I Love*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


From the day we met

I was so thankful to have found

Someone as sweet as you 

I knew then my heart was set


God has sent me an angel

From up above 

One thats so true

One I could love


I am so greatful God has sent such a wonderful father

Who has brought such happiness into my soul

Together we are meant to be

You are filled with so much kindness

This I hope you see

To you only all is what I give

To you I give all


To make your world so wonderful

I promise to stick by you 

Through thick and thin

I promise to try not to hurt your heart 

I promise to take care of it 

When it happens to fall apart 


Why you may ask the way I feel

Because I knew I loved you 

From the very start 



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