*Fate Has Brought Us Together*

Trisha Barrek Hopkins
Sun 5/25/2008 8:10 AM 

I believe for me there is a soul mate 
And that we are meant to be 
And what brought us together again was fate 
Deep down inside i pray this you see 


I promise to you i will take care of your heart 
I promise i'll try not to make you cry 
Ill make sure you never fall apart 
I promise to send chills down your spine 
And make your feelings fly 
I only ask of you to always be mine 


Fate has brought us together 
I believe this is it we're meant to be 
I promise to love you forever 
And if you trust me you'll be able to believe 
That you are the only one for me 



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Love & Trust

Along with the concept of forever, Something everyone of us is searching for.  Another beautiful heartfelt poem, with loves reassurance.  Like a warm blanket, its nice to snuggle up to and read.  Very nice Trish!