*Only Love*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Like rain is to tears 
And heartbreaks to thunder 
Or pain is to fear 
You always start to wonder 


Why was I brought here 
What was my purpose 
Where should i stear 
Having secrets lurk around us 


Like bad dreams are to horror stories 
And shiny days are to happy dreams 
As to having glories 
Or to try to soe up the seams 


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MilMan's picture

Only Love

I've had the bad dreams, the horror stories. I've had the glories, I've had shiny days and happy dreams but haven't had much luck, trying to soe up the seams.

Short and very sweet. You are awesome. MilMan

Whispers_From_The_Mind's picture

thank you im glad you enjoy

thank you im glad you enjoy reading. i have lots more