*Gift of Love*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Babi I got something to say 
I love you so very much 
I've carved it in a tree 
Feeling it everyday 
I love your special touch 
It's the way i wanted it to be 


I want to tell the whole world 
How much you mean to me 
With my trusty pocket knife 
Has made my message quite plan 
And best of all It wont ever wash off 
In case we have some silly rain 
It wont get lost 


Our love will always be 
My love will always grow as the years go by 
When we are old and gray 
Our love will never say good-bye 
So relax and give a sigh 


We can come and look again 
At what i have carved today 
Because this shows our relationship 
Its shows it'll never die 



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