*Romance In Heaven*

June.25. & August.26.1993 
Trisha M Barrek Hopkins

At night when we hold each other 
It feels so nice 
I am so glad we're together 
When you kiss me I melt like ice 


When you touch me I love it so much 
It drives me wild It drives me crazy 
But I love the touch 
And when I'm around you I'm never lazy 


I love when we play your teasing game 
The way we make our love 
It's never the same 
I like when we want to push and shove 


I'm on cloud nine 
When you show me your charm 
With dinner and wine 
Lets forget to put on the alarm 


Romance in heaven 
Giving you warm sensations 
Still having fun way past eleven 
You love my creative situations 



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