*My Angels Come To Save Me*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

When I thought all was gone 
And felt my soul fading away 
And when felt I had no one 
I wanted my life to end in every way 
When I was at my deepest sorrow and pain 
And Felt like no one wanted me 
And I had nothing more to gain 
I wanted so bad to set my soul free 
Crying in the late night 
Feeling so alone 
Had no one to hold me so tight 
My heart as cold as stone 
Beyond the hurt I could not see 
That there was someone with I belong 
That I didn't have to stay the way I be 
That there's one that can make me strong 
And all my pain can be set free 
I've been so blind 
By these demons of mine 
That God sent me one so kind 
And now I don't have to stand in miseries line 
Because my angels come to save me 
To protect and to love 
The angel who was sent to my heart 
From way up above 
To be together forever never part


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