*Nothing Lasts Forever*


Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Nothing last forever 
Sooner or later it must break down and die 
Nothing stays together 
You'll realize it when things start to pass you by 
And you no longer see each other 

Nothing lasts forever 
The tears from your eye 
They will disappear 
You will no longer be able to cry 
You wont even be able to hear 
The words from your loved one 
Because you'll be consider air 

Everything will come to an end 
Soon it'll be just space 
You will no longer have a friend 
You will be all left alone 
You wont have any love left to send 
Your heart will turn to stone 


Nothing lasts anymore 
It goes on to another life 
There is nothing left to adore 
What would be funny is if you were human 
And you ended up a knife 


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