Wake The Fuck Up World!

It's late at night and I read

the moon and stars above me

lit cancer stick in my lips

and I'm scowling and squinting

trying to keep my eyes from burning

when the smoke rolls into them

I'm doing nothing important

just coasting by as usual in this life

and I think the best things in life

are not easy to obtain, and most are free

but throw away is the foundation of belief

hearts and dedication mean little to nothing

everyone hurts, but they buy and trade and want

always wanting, striving to get the latest

when even the latest is obsolete

True happiness is dead, and buried

unless you disconnect from the bs

decide to chase your dream, your calling

regardless of financial gain

be who you want to be and who you know

is inside longing to simply be and function

in the manner you were made for.

Me, I am an unmotivated artist that creates not for others

so much as for my own mental maintenance and balance

It is therapy that repays instantly, and I almost never

know what I am about to create, it pours from me

sometimes disturbing, sometimes in my eyes garbage

but others, I impress and thrill my eyes and self esteem

It's a part of who I am.

The core... the most important piece.

If I conform, I sacrifice what it takes to know this

about myself, and to pursue and maintain my view

and I effectively sell that part, that beautiful, unique fragment

to the world at large, to this society that keeps us all safe

so we get along, and we prosper as a species

but a cog in the machine, that cares not for you , or you, or me.

But for the competition, and to measre falic status

proof that you ARE a better version of the same species, that

in the evolution game, you are king by holding the most

of an imagined thing, this paper, this digital record, credit

useless if the world falls apart, and I choose not to compete

Only to effectively ride out my days in this debacle

and stay under the radar but happy doing what I know I was meant to do

So long as the rest of this spiralling, corrupt, fake, and desasterous world of man

doesn't try to keep me from being me.

I could care less to be “rich”

I'm no better than him, her, that guy, you, them I'm only the best me if I know

ME in the first place.


Wake up world. Mankind RIP

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"Holy Ranting and Raving Batman!"

Sorry for the pressure release on this one... but the world at large is so bright, yet so, SO incredibly stupid and blind to the obvious, and I feel the need to yell about it every now and then.  Thanks if you read through it...  Don't run... Really... I'm not nuts.



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I have many of the same

I have many of the same thoughts so glad someone else can see through the bullshit! Enjoyed this it bodes well with my current frame of mind! Hugss! 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am