1/2 an addict, 1/2 disgusted

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Look up, I force my gaze up
I face that unwanted reflection
The hated man, the other half
Still addicted, Dependent on meth
The realization hits again
That I and Him, The same man
Night and Day difference
Pros and Cons I weigh
His motivation beats me to it
It is a sickness and I am sick
Of it of not wanting only to want again
Of being unable to manage
Everyday tasks and hobbies I loved
Creativity seems to visit
When it’s the good shit…
Again, That man before me now
God damn this fucking mirror
He knows how badly I hate him,
He feels no where near the same
Content with his poison
But I can see it in his eyes,
He knows that it isn’t right
Will he help me quit this time?

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You nailed this one! This was very gripping. I love the juxtaposition between what is and the fading hope of what is willed will be. I think this is the one of the best I've read. Beautiful work! I hope the man in the mirror finally sees you truthfully and light a compassion enough to help you get where ou need to go hugs SS.

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