Do You Hate the Cuckoo Bird?

It's a horrible life story:
The large cuckoo mother
(Also the cowbird)
Doesn't bother to build a nest
(Too much work)
("There's a sucker born every minute",
After all).

She simply lays her egg
In some small songbird's nest
And goes her merry way.

Her assumptions are quite sound
Her giant egg hatches
(Having been warmed by the 'sucker's
Warm breast)
And when little neighbors hatch
The large baby simply
Braces his back against
Each and every one
And over the edge they go
And that's the end of all
This annoying competition
For room and for food
From the still duped parents
Who now aim all their insect food
Straight into his large gullet.

Do you hate him?

Let's try again.

You're a tiny bird consciousness.
Restlessness stirred you to struggle or peck
Until your entrapment breaks apart
And you emerge.

You feel better,
But you have this awful 'itch'.
Well, not quite an itch
But a 'reactivenenss' in your back.
If you can press this strange spot
Against something nearby,
It sends waves of pleasure to your
Tiny bird brain
And the discomfort it was receiving
Is finally lulled.

Until it reoccurs!

So all you can do, in between begging
From the mother
Is press, press your back
Just to make the feeling leave.

Outside looking in: we do despise
Criminal behaviour.

From the inside looking out.....
Few options may be present
For the peaceful experience
Of Innocent childhood.

Can we hate this baby bird?

Yet we don't like the story!

Does fault lie with the baby?

Or with the StoryTeller's
Flights of fancy,
(Complete as it is
With gruesome episodes).

If we have a complaint
It's not with people born with brains
That don't function as we all
Deem they should.

From where, oh where, comes the Energy
That moves the Story
Along lines so unexpected
Lines that we cannot consider 'good'.

If we've a complaint.......
With the Author's 'characters',
It ain't.

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allets's picture

There Are Always 2 Sides every story, but I wanted a third - the parents do not escape culpability and the lines were clever, humerous (was I supposed to ha?) I did and found the story good for several odd perception reasons ~~~ One: that's life, Two: death can be cold, Three: there is always a bigger bird - enjoyed - Lady A