I randomly smile at times when I'm thinking of your lovely face. On the days you don't reply to me, I tell myself that you need your space. I'm not quite sure if you're looking for love or if you just want to be friends. It seems like I'm always the one waiting in vein when our conversations end. I tried to return back to my old life, but I couldn't function without you. I hate to admit it, but I constantly think about you. You keep leading me on and you cast your spell on me. My heart is with you and that's not where I want it to be. When I first saw you, I already knew you were a work of art. You perfectly fooled me as you toyed with my fragile heart. I was in such a vulnerable state to fall in love. Every time I realize you're no good for me, I see that angel in you from above. Your words made me believe that we could be something great. We met each other for a reason, so I blame it all on fate. Girls like you remind me why relationships aren't my thing. I thought I knew what heartbreak was, but then you showed me the real meaning.

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