Thoughts in darkness

The Beginning of my Destiny.

A Texas tornado twisting two tango-ers.

Words to Paper. Thoughts to God.

A Lipstick Lulluby, don't try.

all weaved on a humid night,

unlike the childish forshadowing insisted.

A pinprick of feeling.

All creativity in a -w-hole.

(Confusing daydreams) a patch of pointed fingers.

This broke rat is torn and eaten.

An ePiPhInY of something- as close as love.

an invention-eating-maching-mindlessly made to inspire inventions.

a first time unknowing of the reality on the other side of the ticking hand.

a scratch of ink- a disturbed thoughts.

whats forgotton isn't as important

as what's remembered.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love this. I can't believe I churned it out. But I'm so proud of it.

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