Last Dance

Ugonna Wachuku   



When simple souls dance
with gods on mountain
tops, only eagles will
watch this spectacle!


When lovers walk through
moonlit gardens of
yesterday and today,
some of us will watch
in the valley and from
flower beds; and trees.


The air is thick with
sweet scent from country
earth and roasting corn.


Maidens and birds are
waiting for our last


Remember, when you hear
drum beats from the land;
when echoing rhythms meet
you in the village, at the
crossroad - where seven
mud huts meet, you must
come to me because in
your enfolding arms,
we shall do the last


We shall plant new seeds
of love on green country
sides and welcoming gardens
of home where beautifully
ripe orange trees rise to
kiss luring avacado pears.


We shall do this last
dance for humanity's


This last dance in your
loving arms shall tell
a simple story of love,
hope and riddles -
a moving story for you
and for me - a stirring
ballad for women and men
who will dare to love.


So, remember, when echoing
drumbeats meet you in the
village, at the crossroad
where seven mud huts meet,
you must come to me for
our last dance:



I will










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Napolean said: "when the heart speaks, glory itself is an illusion. This is the most succinct way I can describe your writing. You have the ability to speak for your heart.
I'll keep on returning to your corner and savour each of your poems which you so selflessly offer to others to read.
Thank you for sharing.

poetvg's picture

great work keep up all the good
Work in the future ciao for now .

Teresa Jacobs's picture

WoW! What a beautifully written piece. Your message is so vividly detailed and yet seems so tragic. I feel so many emotions all at once.

Misty Lackey's picture

the best! I loved this, a dance I believe holds to lovers together, I will be waiting for more of your fine poetry..

gentle's picture

I have interpreted this piece as a dance of celebration to all things like life, love, nature & a fertile harvest. This is what I see, but, I can also smell the roasting corn & the scent of the earth... The imagery here is just so beautiful. Amy

Gentle is the night♥

ladydp2000's picture

A very lovely and inspiring poem...loved it...take care of yourself now and thank you for sharing it with me.. Love and Peace always to you my friend, Dorian

Helen Schmidt's picture

Ugonna, You write with such beauty and profundity. Each of your poems leads me to contemplate life and love! I sense folklore as the basis for this poem - am I right? Best regards, Helen

Mona Omar's picture

last dance for humanity renewel what a beautiful thought

Angela Albee's picture

indeed...wait for that dance...well written...

vjochum's picture

Dear Ugonna,
From Window In The Dark, to your Last Dance I found what I was looking for today.
Many of your writings I've read before and left comments. Others I've read, there could be no written comment for me to leave because the feeling was of such divine splendor it could not be written, but only felt.
What I was looking for today was something deeper than is possible to to see, and exceeds human capability of feel.
My shore.
You guided me there.