Make Me Whole

Ugonna Wachuku


The day drags on slowly.
But there are gardens and
flowers to be planted.


There are seeds to be
sown for the harvest.
There are shadows and
dreams to be seen.


There are tears to be
shed; and smiles to be
given on the threshold
of a new beginning.


In my soul;
in the deeper me;
far from the world
and heart that you
know in me, lies that
yawning yearning to
live; to drink from
your life-giving well.


With tears and pleas;
with a broken heart and
shattered dreams, I state
my pain. I shed tears.


I share my dreams
with you; my longings.
I bring my broken pieces
to you; the Potter's


When, at last, I find
my narrow way to that
eternal abode of your
loving grace, I will
fall flat; and my only
plea will be that you
make me whole. 


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Douglas Lazard's picture

In this beautiful world that God has given us to live in... None of us will ever be complete! But in that final day, all of the pieces will be put into their proper place, and all will be well forever...

You have captured that simple truth in this beautiful poem!
Peace and love ~~~~ Dougie ~~

Judy Costea's picture

God in his time will make all things new. How beautiful your words paint a picture of hope and love. You always amaze me how your words leave me feeling so high on life. A feeling no drug in this world could ever give...
Beautiful are the words that come from your heart.
Peace and Love be with you always

onelilartist's picture

I think this poem is my favorite one. This is the truth that abides inside my soul. "I am nothing without my God."

Marianne Chrisos's picture

i do love the way you write! You seem to have a strong relationship with God, at least I feel that through what you write. I almost feel a poetic frienship between us. God Bless.

gentle's picture

A lovely tribute to the healing powers of love. Make me whole - the wish of all who seek the comfort of a lover. Amy

Gentle is the night♥

ladydp2000's picture

Loved this beautiful and refreshing...I like and read your poetry for years Ugonna, ..The best to you always.Love ...Peace to you.... Always your poet friend, Dorian

Marianne Chrisos's picture

I share my dreams with you; my longings. I bring my broken pieces to you; the Potter's Hands. =) amen...your spirtual words are beautiful and mean a lot to me...

Farah D's picture

You write such excellent poetry! this are definitely inspiratonal words!! I wonder if you have written any song lyrics because there seems to be so much music in your words.