Vampire (Female)


Her pale, elegant fingers slipped through the silken tresses of her hair as she pursed her crimson, velvety lips and let out a gentle, yet sensual purr into the crisp night air.  Lush ebony curls wrapped lovingly around each finger being imbedded into them, her porcelain skin fading beneath the dark locks of hair.  The enigmatic woman gazed out of the blackened alley, at a young gentleman, with the most striking of eyes.  Each peculiar orb had an almond shape to it, almost like that of an Egyptian Goddess.  Lashes of midnight fell seductively over eyes of the lightest shade in blue.  Dilated pupils followed the stranger with a predatory manner, and a low growl found its way out from her milky white throat.  The corner of her perfectly formed lips curved up into a delighted, yet devious smile, and a brief glimmer of two, murderous canines flashed fiercely.  She was hungry...

The lady took a step forward and was instantly flooded with the dim light of a nearby streetlamp.  She wore an ankle long, black satin dress.  On the left side it held a long slit that went all the way up to her upper thigh, only inches from her sweetest regions.  Embroidered along the edges of the slit were deep red rose vines, that were so compact and detailed that they could barely be noticed without close inspection.  Her smooth, pale legs descended into dainty, black high-hills, that lifted her original height three inches from the slick pavement belowher.  Around her left ankle was a thin, silver anklet that shimmered shyly in the soft light from above.  The gracefull dress embraced the woman's body comfortably, hugging at her upper body and waist, revealing the delicate curves of her voluptuously sculptured body.  Her hips rounded up to a fantastic peak of perfection, melting further up towards a midsection that dipped inward slightly, making any desire for her rightly just.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sorry for the mistakes and i'll be adding more later

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