Not the One



In the beginning I was lost,


I was confused.


Rusted in years of decay


With nothing to lose.


You came in like a lightning bolt


You struck me where I stood.


Didn’t know of what was looming.


I never know what I should.




Life is funny like that.


You know what you know when you know.


I needed to take the harsher road.


Needed to hit my lowest low,


And I was low.




I’ve been overcome and I’m on my knees.


Weary, miserable and shrieking with please.


Never knew what I needed,


Never knew what I needed,


Till right now.




That night was so right,


Not for you but for me.


Your tears ran


And I knew that I was free.


I remember the sound of the stairs,


As your feet smashed on every step.


The way the door slammed behind you.


And I how I closed my door of regrets.




I was trembling in my bed


I finally dared myself to stand.


I needed to take the harsher road


Needed to come up with my own plan


Oh, what a plan.




I’m not overcome and I’m not on my knees.


No longer weary, I’m smiling with ease.


Never knew what I needed,


Never knew what I needed,


Till right now.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

The struggle of letting someone go to be the real you. People come and go in life as lessons.

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the realness

Of  the real deal

Is  real .

Love it


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i want to write music with you

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Come and Go as Lessons

Yeah, that's what happens assuredly poet. - Just Bein' Stella