My Friend but Nothing More

That Smile

So real

A stranger would laugh

HA HA. But,

Blisterd lips do tell

Her tainted gesture

Like a pretty picture

Drawn by a darker mind



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Oh so very lovely and quite other worldly written.........

I do hope you share more....... and welcome to our big little community here at PP. It's a nice place to post. Sincerely, Melissa Lundeen.

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Thanks so much for the welcome!

It really means a lot to hear that, thanks you. Yes Im still figuring out how to use the website. E.g how did you find my poem, is the a wall where everyones poems are showing?



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just go up to the top left of the post poems screen click home

Once that page turns scroll down and you will see each poem posted latest at the bottom it says read more click on that and you can scroll back as far as you like. Or on the right side where it says who is on line or who is new you can click on those ids and read from their page. Happy reading and writing........ M.

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Oh Great!

Cooooool! I will read around too!

Thanks again :)



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A Few Great Words

I think of Mona Lisa, I dream of Nude Descending The Stair. - Concise and emotionally rapturous in it's brevity. Bravo & Encore ~Just Bein'~ Stella



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Thank you so much!

It really means a lot!